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I have a Glock 22 in .40 cal for my carry gun. I have reloaded about 700 rounds through it with no problems. Then I clean my firearms every time after shooting them. Just my 2c.
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Originally Posted by d65 View Post
I have a Glock 22 in .40 cal for my carry gun. I have reloaded about 700 rounds through it with no problems. Then I clean my firearms every time after shooting them. Just my 2c.
You reload using your G22? Wow! I have to use a press for that! Am quite impressed. However do you do it?
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Originally Posted by retDAC View Post
Belated thanks for the compliment.

Of late, there is an article titled "Glock Pistol Trouble Points" in the Nov 2013 edition of American GunSmith. On page 12 the author states, in addition to the usual admonishments, "... There is also the fact that the Glock has a sharp transition from the chamber to the leade or beginning of rifling, which accumulates lead. The lead build up may prevent the pistol from fully closing and the resulting build up will allow the pistol to fire when not locked up. ..."

I always knew that mere polygonal rifling would not result in major lead accumulation by itself. This explanation makes more sense.

I did read some years back that Glocks will fire slightly out of battery and testing my own confirms that. Normally with new jacketed bullet ammo of decent quality this would never be an issue even if somehow the gun did fire not quite in full battery. But firing reloads especially with bullets on the soft side and more importantly with infrequent cleaning and possibly weakened casings makes casehead failure almost guaranteed.

I have wondered what firelapping, maybe leade lapping, would do in regards to Glock barrels leading.
Better a late answer than no answer - Right!

Glock chambers DO have a sharp shoulder immediately in front of the leade area; BUT, it ain't sharp enough to cause excessive lead buildup PROVIDED THAT the lead bullets being shot are sufficiently hard: i.e., between 15 and 24 BHN. (With light loads you can go down all the way to 12 BHN, but not below.)

Glock pistols DO have a tendency to fire out-of-battery; BUT, this is most often caused by trigger bar problems rather than any sort of lead buildup. Anyone who is using lead bullets that test between 18 and 24 BHN is definitely NOT using too soft a bullet. In fact I've heard complaints that 24 BHN is too hard for some of Glock's excessively oversized bores. (Most often found in 1st and 2nd generation Glock pistols.)

My guns are always cleaned on the same day that I use them; and, it's safe to say that they're always VERY CLEAN, too! I am an EXPERT RELOADER with more than 40 years of experience. Consequently I'm able to shoot 10's of 1,000's of reloads through my Glock pistols with complete confidence. Shooting lead, plated, or jacketed bullets doesn't matter; and I used to do this all the time! (Lately I've just been going to Wal-Mart and practicing with their crap ammo.)

Maybe I've been doing this for so long that I don't have to accept as, 'gospel' what's written in the gunzines. Truth be told I could write both technical and tactical articles for the gun magazines were I so inclined.

In 40 + years of reloading I've never had an incipient casehead failure get into one of my guns. 'Why'? Because I looked for them! If I had a question about a case, I'd use a steel pick I made from a wire coathanger in order to scratch test the inside case wall. I, also, used to shake repeatedly fired cases in my hand before I'd put them in the press. (You should hear, 'ding, ding, ding'. If you hear a, 'thunk' instead, then, you've got a split case in your hand.)

I did one other thing that most reloaders won't do: After the 12th reload I'd toss the brass - No if's, no and's, no but's. (Understandable when you usually reload to mid-chart specifications, or above.) If you pay a little more attention to your bore while shooting lead bullets, you should be fine. Remember, it's only Glock, GmbH/Inc. that recommends against the use of lead bullets in their cold-forged, mandrel-formed, polygonal barrels. No other gun manufacturer, including H&K, does that.

(Which brings up the interesting question, 'Is Glock right to do this?' Personally, given the broad lack of firearms and ammunition related experience among the (Glock-buying) general public, I'd say that they are! However, that doesn't mean that knowledgeable pistoleros like you, and me should go along with the large majority of inexperienced people who usually buy Glocks. These people don't know what safety factors and performance characteristics to watch out for, or what the right components are to use; but, we do.)

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