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Glock Guide Rod

A friend of mine is the armorer of Glocks for the police dept. He put in a 3.5 lbs Lone Wolf sear for me on my 21SF and noticed that my guide rod is not sitting properly. He looked at 5 other cops Glocks and they all were sitting in what he said was the correct position. See pict A/B. He said send it back to Glock. I took it back to where I bought it and the smith there looked at it and said it was fine. I told him my buddy said otherwise and I asked to look at several other Glocks to compare (34, 19 & 23). They were the same deal. All sitting high. Here's the scenario. You push the guide rod assembly into position like in pict A/B. Assemble the pistol. Rack the slide a few times. Disassemble and the guide rod is sitting higher up like in pict C. I have 500 rounds thru it and didn't notice anything or feel anything. The pistol performed beautifully.Curious to know if this is correct and why it would be different than 5 other Glocks.
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Re: Glock Guide Rod

The pic doesn't show the guide rod seated, at least not that I could see. Simply ensure that the back end of the guide rod is all the way down into the crescent shaped recess on the bottom of the barrel. The guide rod will move some as the gun fires and may step out of the recess a bit, but that's where it should be during assembly.
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Re: Glock Guide Rod

I've seen a few that did the same thing. They worked fine, but the base of the rod would "ride" up slightly. I have a 17 that will do so ever so often. The spring can't go anywhere. It is surrounded by the lower frame channel with the barrel on top. Although, if yours does it every time, I'd tend to believe that it would cause premature wear.....on the base of the rod and possibly in the frame channel. Easiest thing....get on the phone with Glock. Send them the pics.
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Re: Glock Guide Rod

OK - The pics came through tonight...

Yes, I have seen this before, and no real issue that I am aware of, except the guide rod "could" torque on the end plate, and it could snap - but I would think this is a very remote possibility. The hole in the front of the slide wherein the guide rod must go through during cycling could be a little lower (or higher?) than the recess - meaning it just doesn't line up exactly with the back end near the chamber, and probably makes the guide rod "walk" out of the crescent recess under the barrel.

Does the gun work? If so, then... DFWI. :wink:

But Glock may have a solution if it really bugs you and you were to contact them.

Let us know what happens.

Regards -

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