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TT GLOCKS 05-11-2010 07:36 PM

Accuracy problem!!!!g-17l
First time I've ever run across this....
Gent in the club bought a 17L. Noticed over several matches that he'd pull rounds to the left, but he was jerking the trigger. Asked me this last match to "smooth" the trigger out. I noted that the rear sight (adjustable) was moved as far as it would go to the right. I finished the trigger job and took it out on the range figuring that I'd probably have to adjust the rear sight back toward the middle of the slide. Better trigger will correct his "Glock" jerk. WRONG!!!!

Dang thing shoots extremely LEFT! Now, this is with Winchester white box. Not a "mild" load by any stretch. At about 15 yards, it is still shooting about 2" left. I noted that the rear sight could be drifted just a tad bit more and I did so. Hoping that tomorrow I can get it to hit center. However, the rear adjustable sight will still be moved as far right as it can be moved. Slide/barrel lock up seems ok.....usual slack at the crown end......can't figure why this particular weapon shoots extreme left. 17L should be a tac driver!

Anybody encounter this before??????

retDAC 05-11-2010 11:49 PM

Where the muzzle comes through the slide, is the hole bored true?

Is the barrel is bored true?

Is the crown off, even if you can't see it? (Not likely this much effect)

Don Glock 05-23-2010 12:44 AM

i have encountered this.

most of the time when glocks are shooting left it's the shooter, and not the gun, but my first glock 19 was the exception to this.

i had to tap the site over to the right as far as it would go. i ended up trading it for an rtf2 glock 19, so i'm not sure how glock would have handled it....

TT GLOCKS 05-23-2010 03:22 PM

Well...I moved this particular weapon's rear sight over to the right edge. That gives a little playing room with the "adjustable" portion...where it had none before. I got it shooting dead center. He has shot it now in two matches and once he got used to the new trigger pull...and actually squeezes the trigger, it is deadly accurate. Just kinda' looks funny with the rear sight moved all the way to the right!

Glock would take it back...and fix it or replace it.....but it might be gone for a year. I have personally never sent one back, but I've heard some of the "horror stories" about sending one off and not seeing it for 6 months. I told this shooter to eigther be happy or get rid of it. I can only take the trigger a couple of steps further...and that won't solve the extreme left shooting. That is ALL the weapon. This is the 2nd one I've encountered....ever. I wouldn't have expected that from a 17L. However, I didn't try anything else other than white box Winchester (which this shooter exclusively shoots). It might have done a little better another brand...but I doubt it.

Free Trapper 05-26-2010 09:27 AM

My 2$
I sometimes have trouble shooting to the left with my Glock 20C if I'm tired, not concentrating properly or not employing the proper grip dynamics. A grip style that helps greatly reduce this tendency is to point both the shooting and support thumbs "at" the target. Ofcourse, if it is the gun....

If you have not heard of Lone Wolf Distributors, they are a Glock specialty shop and offer full services and many types of parts. Located in Old Town, Idaho about 40 miles north of me. They may be able to assist.

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