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Nope.....don't use'm. But, I've got a drawer full of'em! Military nowdays is still big on them. They DO have uses...contrary to some of you old timers opinions! With some of our "high speed-low drag" type operators out there on the lines today, they DO use lanyards on their weapons. With SO MUCH gear on......riding on the edge in the doorway of a bird....ain't a wonderful feeling (so I've been told) when the person looks down at their "issue" thigh holster and finds the retention snap open....and no weapon present! And THAT, my friends, is the simple explanation I've been given as to why the military still HEAVILY relys on the lanyard on the pistol. To simply KEEP the WEAPON with the troop during movement!

So...on to the question that was asked. I agree that with it being a Glock (of which I dearly love and carry daily), it is "plastic" as Wild Bill puts it. Ain't much can't be done with it. I'd opt to modify an existing grip lanyard plug to fit whichever model I was wantin' to outfit with one. If'n one isn't available for said model. Should be several Smiths in your area that are quite capable of doing so if'n you checked around.

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Good Job, TT! Jeff Cooper's ghost and I thank you for your support, and for stickin' to the question at hand. I've taken your advice exactly, and had a butt plug w. ring custom built. I appreciate Sarge 'n Wild Bill's positions, and largely agree w. 'em: I was raised on Bill Jordan, Elmer Keith and Chic Gaylord, and I value their guidance. I apologize for raising so many neck hairs, but y'all'll admit it did draw you out, and I besides I know you'll appreciate the old adage, "If you can't take a joke, ...!" And thank y'all for your service!
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