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New Glock 17-L Long Slide

I've had an E-Mail notification on these for quite a while from Davidson's, but they never have any in stock. The other day they unexpectedly E-Mailed me saying they had just gotten some in. I immediately ordered one. It came in yesterday, so I right away drove over and picked it up. I just made it home before the rain came. The Glock 17-L is very hard to come by. I had read they are only releasing 500 of them for import into this country for 2017.

The reason it is a limited production gun, is because they have to shut down the standard Glock 17 line, then change out the tooling and fixtures to machine the longer 17-L slide. So they wait until they get enough orders from distributors to make it worthwhile. The result is only a couple of runs of them are produced every year. If you want one, you have to, "strike while the iron is hot", so to speak.

I'm really excited about this pistol. I have a standard 17, as well as the 19 and 26. But the 17-L has always intrigued me. As I said, I didn't realize how hard they are to come by. The 34's are a dime a dozen in either Gen 3 or Gen 4. Because they are so well used in all of the run and gun games. But no one stocks the 17-L around here, and Phoenix has many gun shops. They are much more uncommon than I thought.

Glock did a beautiful job in machining the slide to weigh and balance the same as a standard Glock 17 slide. The sights are sharp and definitive, as well as adjustable. The trigger is so much better than the conventional triggers the other service Glocks receive. It's much lighter and crisper. Surprising for a Glock. I have zero doubt this gun is going to see a lot of ammunition. I'm only sorry that I waited so long to get one!

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I had a beautiful clear, cool, still morning today. So I headed out to the range with the new Glock 17-L, and a good supply of ammo. I brought along the following:

100 rounds Federal Champion boxer brass 115 Gr. FMJ

100 rounds of Federal American Eagle 124 Gr. FMJ

50 rounds of Fiocchi 115 Gr. FMJ

100 rounds of Federal 115 Gr. +P+ JHP (9BPLE)

All 350 rounds fed, fired, and ejected without a hiccup out of both magazines. At 25 yards the adjustable Glock sights printed dead on. This gun is a joy to shoot. That long barrel really helps in the accuracy dept. A 6 O'clock hold chewed out the bull in all of the targets. The only thing I noticed was the Federal 9BPLE printed about an inch or 2 higher than the rest. But not enough to worry about. All the Internet talk about this gun being picky with 115 Gr. FMJ was nonsense. It shoots it as good as any other weight ammo.

It performed in the typically boring Glock fashion. Not a single thing to complain about. This trigger is without question the best of any Glock pistol I own. And it got better the more I shot it. But after 350 rounds, I was getting tired of loading magazines. I was totally happy with the guns performance, so I decided to pack it in, and head for home. Afterward I gave it a field strip, along with a good wet cleaning. And she's ready for another trip to the range. If you are walking the fence on one of these 17-L's, don't hesitate to grab one. You'll be very pleased how accurately this pistol shoots.

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