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Old 01-25-2002, 01:04 PM   #1
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I saw a SS guide rod & stock spring at the range last night. Seemed nice. Installed it to see if I could feel any difference...NOPE. The guy at the range told me you notice the difference while's "smoother."
So, what is the opinion of the board? Yes or No on the SS guide rods in Glocks?
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I don't see any reason to replace the guide rod unless you have some reason (such as wanting a heavier spring on the .40 models) to replace the spring as well or if you just want a bit more weight near the muzzle.

I've seen a claim that the polymer guide rod can shatter in extremely cold weather. Since I don't expect to do much shooting at thirty degrees below zero that isn't a concern for me.
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I just recieved the Wolff guide rod set & tune up kit for my G-29. I have had NO problems with the stock set up.

I wanted to be able to set the springs for 9x23 and 10mm as you can go from mild to wild in both. Mike
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Probably NO NEED at all in a G17...:wink: , right?
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If you need to change recoil springs to tune for your handloads, etc., then a steel recoil guide rod makes it and easy chore. If you plan on shooting competition with it, some regulations restrict you to using the same material as your original guiderod.
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How about tungsten? What is the benefit from using a tungsten guide rod? Or would I just be lining someone's pockets w/ my $$?
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The reason I carry a glock is that I don't have to fool around with it. It is uninspiring and ugly but the damn thing always works. Just change the sights and you are done. I don't have a problem with plastic parts or plastic holsters on my plastic gun.

If I want to throw my $ around, I tinker with my 1911 which is inspiring and beautiful but doesn't always work... YMMV
Good luck,

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amen brother!

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