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Mag problem with G20 9x23 conversion


I heard this was the place for feedback so here it goes.

After doing some reading here I decided to try a 9x23 conversion on my G20. I picked up a Jarvis barrel, standard length & it fits fine, in fact better than the factory barrel. I read that some G20 mags will feed with no problems & some won't & need some tweaking of the feed lips (different generations?). I got some 9x23 ammo today & loaded a mag up. The first few rounds went fine then they started tipping up at a steep angle. Needless to say they did feed at all. So I'm assuming my G20 mags are an earlier generation.

Are all current new G20 mags the later generation that doesn't require and tweaking?

Any feedback is appreciated.


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G20 9X23 conver. mag issue...


I personally don't have any info for you regarding what you're experiencing, but I would suggest you post over on the Glock Talk board. There may be someone over there that's experienced what you have and may have a solution. Here's the link:

Good luck!
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Talyn ... I did the G29 conversion and origional two mags worked 100% with Win. 9x23 factory rounds.

I ordered three 10 rounders to be used only with 9x23 and have adjusted the lips to get about the same angle as a 10mm round in the origional mags. I have not been to the range yet for test firing as wrists bothering me quite a bit and 9mm stung shooting one handed. The 9x23 rounds really pointed up on the new ones but cannot remember position in origional mags on the first trip to the range.

Not much metal is exposed and my tweeking worked better on the starboard side than the port with front of mag the bow :roll:

Try the mags first and see what happens ... adjust 10 rounders before tweeking the expensive ones. Sorry I cannot be of more help right now. Take care ... Mike
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Thanks for the reply guys.

The folks at Glocktalk tell me to ask over here, but I did in both places.

Looks like I'll go the new mag & possible mag tweaking route based on the feedback.

Too bad Glock doesn't make a factory 9x23 huh?


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This is the spot. Do a search or go to the 9x23 forum, You can by going to the bottom right of this page and selecting it from the menu.


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