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I had a "shoots to the left" problem. Some investigation into my issue revealed that the short trigger on my 1911 caused enough muscle movement to push the gun slightly left. I was confounded for quite a while, Other guns would not demonstrate the same pattern. I resolved the issue with a long trigger and lots of dry and live fire practice. I also discovered that I would tighten my grip as I pulled the trigger which also caused leftward shooting. In my case the longer trigger resulted in less movement in my hand.

This is not to say that trigger length is the issue with your gun. Only to suggest that it can be an ergonomic issue. It could also be simple body mechanics. Good luck researching ,of course this means more shooting

Wow! in all my time reading posts(perpetuall lurking) I didn't realize that this is my first post here! It is a great place, thanks.
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That is what a forum is about. Welcome to the club.

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