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why a 410 wont feed in a 44 mag lever saddle gun

OK this is the story, and I will stick to it. We have ground squirrels in the yard, went to county to get poison, set out poison and wait. Weeks go by and I am in the shop and see one of the little buggers. Get on phone and call wife and tell her to get the shotgun, the 410 lever. She brings out 3 410 shells and a lever gun. Nevoursly I try to load the darn thing and am afraid the squirrel will get away before I get things worked out. Sure enough, the litttle bugger gets spooked and takes off so I now have a 410 that will not go rearward enough to feed into the breech. So I am cussing because the squirrel got away and it could be weeks before I actually see him again. I go online and find a Winchester authorized dealer and after finally getting the shell out, send the gun off. About a week goes by and I get a call from the repair dealer that I sent in a 44 magnum lever rifle; was this the right wepon for repair? Immediately I knew what I had done and after hanging up the phone and telling them to send it back to me I opened the safe and sure enough, there was the 410 lever shotgun. It has been one of those weeks. Can anyone top this for stupidity?
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Yup, I can but I'm not gonna tell on myself.
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I am a machinist and a customer (College professor I had when I was in college) came in to have some band saw blades made up. After I cut and welded the blades I twisted the blades into a triple loop. Done! Well, and hour later Dr P showed up and scolded me for welding the blades backwards. I quickly gave the blades a twist inside out and handed them back to him. And laughed! Never saw him again.
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Not gun related, but let's just say welding was involved, and I ended up unconscious, with a burnt hand, a burnt scalp, and bruises fore and aft on my head. So you did okay, by comparison. :-?

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