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Taurus "light" primer strikes

Anyone experiencing light primer hits on Taurus Milleniums? My PT145 (non-pro) started light hitting at around 700 rounds. At first, it would go bang after the second squeeze. However, during the next 200-300 rounds, it fails to go bang at all. Same dud will discharge in my 1911. Thought at first it was ammo but I've tried quality stuff and it still fails to go bang. Too bad because it's a neat pistol. Carrys well, groups well. Nice trigger, etc. Taurus has it now and they will have it for 4-6 weeks. Wouldn't want to sell it off until I got the verdict from Taurus.
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Old 10-15-2005, 04:50 PM   #2
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How'd it turn out?

Just curious because I just today got a PT 745C that seems to be having the same kind of problem, but right out of the box?
Old 10-17-2005, 04:54 AM   #3
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Sold the PT145 AFTER Taurus replaced the guide rod spring and another spring (I don't recall which one). Couldn't rely on it being my main CCW.
Bought a SiG P220 to replace it. Glad I did
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Thanks Stuart. Just sent mine back to Taurus... same deal 4 - 6 week turn around. I'm a born optimist so I think I'll hold on to it as long is comes back in working order. I was actually a little amazed at how well it grouped and how accurate it was for such a short barrelled 45. (When it actually fired that is)
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I really fell in love with the PT at first. Groups well, carries nice, etc. Taurus was first rate with service and, I might get a "Pro" series sometime in the future. I understand a lot of bugs have been worked out.
Still, I'm really likin' the SiG a lot. Shoot it much more accurately in DA than the follow ups in SA. I know it's me and not the pistol. Might just convert it to DAO as thats what the PT was and ALL my DA shots were the same. A friend just bought a brand new 24/7 in .45 and it went back to Taurus after only 200-300 rounds. He's got FTF problems. Good luck with the 745 and keep me posted. BTW, new username will be STUGOTSIG if I can figure out how to change my profile.
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I just got mine back with the following problems,,, light firing, and double firing,, returned to taurus and they sent it back with new firing pin, new sear, and new recoil spring... haven't fired it yet.... All those rounds that did not fire in the taurus, "did" fire quite well in my Ruger p97,, that thing will shoot anything and never misfires or jams... excellent gun.. too big for conceal carry though,, I just got a new Glock 30 , but don't like the grip,,, did not notice before I bought it,,, Now, they say it will void the warranty if you fix the grip,,, I just can't win...

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