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FBI Carry

Does anyone know what is issued now to FBI? I expect it is a SIG in .357 SIG but I'm not sure.

I was also wondering whether the FBIs regulations described here http://www.gun-tests.com/pub/12_3/features/4461-1.html have been changed in recent years.


--- Andrew
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Some firearms instructor buddies, tell me that only the Glock 23 and SIG 229 .40 are on the current approved list for new Special Agents, but the SIG must be purchased privately. A few are grandfathered in that may have Smiths still (I haven't seen any), but all new SAs are issued only the Glock 23, and the SIG is being phased out as optional, as well. Until recently, SAs who were with the Bureau prior to 1990 were authorized to carry revolvers as back-ups, but no longer. Most are switching to the sub-compact Glock (27, right?) as a back-up to a Glock 23. The last time I shot the qual. course (Sept.) most of the senior SAs showed up with their SIGs, but had their carry-Glocks in their vehicles...not the best practice. Despite reports otherwise, the 10mm MP5 is still in many armories as the primary longarm. HRT still has their Baer SRPs, but are not real fond of them and use Glock 21s whenever they are called out domestically and Glock 17s overseas. For those Springfield Armory TRP-Pro afficianados (I love my standard TRP, personally), regional SWAT has mostly gone to Glock 21s, as well. The argument being that the TRP-Pro had too much input from competitive shooters in the Bureau and not from the guys who would be carrying them, and consensus is that it is too tight to meet their reliability desires.
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Visiting with one of my ole FBI friends several months back and he was carrying a Springfield .45 acp that was issued.

I am sure that a pot full of pistols are approved and issued. I imagine that if you are issued something and you can qualify with it, you can use it as long as it is serviceable.

I would guess if they are in some elite unit, they would have to carry the same weapon as everyone in the unit.

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To update my initial post, I just checked in at a new duty station and the Special Agents here are carrying Glock 22s, 23s, and 27s. SIGs are still optional Bureau-wide. Longarms here are the Remington 870, which most Special Agents have turned in their 9mm MP5s in favor of, and M4s. Very few 9mm or 10mm MP5s are still in this office's armory.

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