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Steve in Allentown, PA 03-26-2006 01:30 PM

1911 magazines from National Magazines Inc
The most common threads concerning 1911 magazines deal with the question of which magazine is the best. This is not one of those threads.

I just returned from a session at the range with my teenage sons. We went to test out a couple of resetting steel targets that I got for Christmas and to test a "totally cool" 15 round magazine in my Mech-Tech carbine.

We took a trip to Cabella’s yesterday so I could window shop for red dot sights. While we were there we saw a bunch of hi-cap magazines for sale including these 15 round, single-stack, 1911 mags. Well, the Mech-Tech “needs” at least a 15 round mag to keep it happy so, against my better judgement, I bought one for $15. My boys were very impressed by the look of the Mech-Tech with this long mag hanging out. They said it looked like an Uzi. Teenagers! Whatever it is, it has to look good.

So off we go to the range this afternoon. I noticed it had the old style Colt feed lips. It was easy to load the mag with 15 rounds. It slid into the mag well and locked in place with no problems. First round chambered slickly. Bang. So far so good. The second round did a classic nose dive into the feed ramp. So did the next one and the next one. So maybe it’ll work with factory Winchester white-box FMJ’s. Nope. Maybe a different follower will cure the problem. Stick in a CMC and load it up with FMJ. No go. Try one of Tripp’s fancy followers and load it full of FMJ’s again. Uh-uh. In short, nothing could get this mag to feed anything.

National Magazines Inc out of Las Vegas, Nevada is the manufacturer of this useless piece of bent sheet metal. I highly recommend against buying their single stack, 15 round 1911 magazine unless you need a special kind of gun lock because all this thing did was bung up the works.

In contrast, all of my 1911’s work fine with 7, 8, and 10 round CMC or Wilson mags. Even the highly touted Tripp mags don’t work as well as the CMC’s. When I say they work as well what I mean is the smoothness of the feeding of the cartridge. The Tripp’s do function but in my pistols there is a definite two stage process where I can feel two distinct “clunks” as the round bounces off the frame feed ramp then hits the top of the chamber. With the CMC mages there is only one “clunk.”

Of course, I realize that each gun/ammo combination is slightly different and some folks may have better luck with a Tripp than with a Wilson or CMC. However, the National Magazines mag is completely non-functional and I wager that it’d be non-functional in any .45 1911 ever made.

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