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I stand corrected. The victim was in the PASSENGER seat. I found the article doing a Google search and landed on a thread on AR15.com.

Here is the article:

UPDATE 2: No charges filed in accidental shooting; victim - WRCBtv.com | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

I do not know exactly what happened, I don't think the police entirely do. I do believe there is always absolute truth in any situation.

It reminds me of those safety videos we used to see at work - "Safety Shorts" - narrated by the late Claude Akins. They would cover a particular topic, and would always end by Claude saying, "This is Claude Akins, reminding you that SAFETY is your job too."

Whatever brand gun we're carrying, storing or transporting, we always need to be aware of where the muzzle is. If the gun goes off for whatever reason, where is the bullet going to go.

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I just read that news article. Having a loose, unsecured, loaded, one in the chamber, safety off weapon is a disaster waiting to happen. Put that in the back of a moving vehicle with a child in the backseat? Just how many errors/lack of judgement does that add up to? Can't they just arrest this person on the basis of stupidity?

Oh, and please note: Hi-point pistols, at least those I've seen, HAVE a safety with a visible red dot when the safety is off (The article was unsure that Hi-points have them).

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I read the article. I don't believe the gun fired all by itself, even if it is a Hi Point. Even if the hammer/sear engagement was bad, something still has to either trip the trigger or jar gun hard enough to release the hammer.

I know someone who inherited an old double barrel shotgun. He said if you pull the trigger, both rounds fire. Yep hammer/sear engagement was bad in the left? barrel, but it would be obvious to anybody carefully dryfiring each barrel. Still, it won't fire the second barrel if the gun were to just sit/stand without somebody/something messing with it. Jar it hard enough the right way and yes the hammer drops. Still has to be jarred the right way; doesn't go off all by itself.
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Hi point? I guess it a gun. If you really want to own a gun as cheap as possible it will work. And you can anchor your boat with it too. I'd save a little longer and buy just about anything else. Although I'm no fan of ruger autos I'll bet you could get a used P85 for not much more and at least have a real gun
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Originally Posted by Kaboom View Post
Hi point? ...you can anchor your boat with it too.
No you can't...it won't grip the bottom properly.
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I know people who have hi points. I've sold many of them. I had one of the carbines.

Are hi-point pistols reliable? Yes, with hardball

Customer service? Great

Acuracy? Minute of barn. It can hit a man size target at 10 yards. That's about it.

There's also a feature that I don't like. The firing pin is also the ejector. That means a long, thin firing pin that has to punch the case with all the force of the slide slamming back. The reason they are boat anchors is because they're blowback operated, not the best thing for 9mm.

I can recommend you a decently priced 9mm if you want. It's $399 from academy. I have 500 rounds through mine now without a single hiccup. Accuracy is great. They are made by canik and sold under the TriStar brand.
Old 03-12-2014, 06:23 AM   #27
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judge sam, I hear ya man.... Some folks are thinking more of having a firearm than having something they will enjoy shooting and be able to pass down through the years.

This reminds me of how many students I see that complain about not being able to hit anything... It's either 1) The gun must be faulty or 2) The gun must be faulty.... Once they learn the fundamentals and can truly shoot, they realize that the Hi Point is EASY to outgrow... Nevermind carrying it is a joke. 1911s are heavy, but at least they aren't shaped like a cinder block. I don't say that from an aesthetic standpoint either. I'm thinking of how uncomfortable it will be to carry.
Old 03-12-2014, 01:48 PM   #28
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Saw a young gent open carrying a Hi Point handgun last week. Yaqui slide holster and thin leather belt. I wondered which part of the setup was going to fail first.

On the fellow's behalf however, it seems fair to mention that according to the logo'd shirt he was wearing, he has a job at a restaurant that's been robbed a few times in the past. At least he's trying to look out for himself, as best his means allow perhaps.

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Originally Posted by Brian D. View Post
as best his means allow perhaps.
Respectfully, I take exception to that. How much is a highpoint, and what is your life worth? You can find Glocks for $400 used. At least you know it'll probably fire every time.

I'm a 1911 snob, admittedly...but even with those, you can find SA Loaded models for $600 used, and they are a great shooting pistol....why would spend $500 on a cheap Philipino import that may or may not work when you need it?
Old 03-26-2014, 08:42 PM   #30
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I have a Rock Island 1911 GI model. It's an excellent gun. I've had not a hiccup, no FTE, FTF, no accuracy problems. No, it's not a match gun, but it's accurate enough, and the steel quality is good. The SA 1911s are made in brazil. Their GI model has a better finish and nicer grips. Functionally, both are equally good. I have noticed that the RIA slides are thicker. It's not much, but it's enough to keep it from fitting blackhawk kydex holsters. I've fired the tisas 1911s a bit too. Once again, decent accuracy, no hiccups. All of these are better options than hi point.

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