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I try not to remind people that the Hi Point is made (at the other end of) my state, Ohio. Not exactly braggin' rights material. Adding insult to injury (kind of) is the fact that Chiappa Firearms is getting ready to expand their operations in Dayton and actually build some of their stuff here rather than in Italy. Good news/bad news. Another gun factory here in the Buckeye state, but we aren't ready to go to Herstal Belgium on vacation and brag about it.
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We turn our noses up at this low end stuff, but you have to remember, some people really can't afford to buy a more expensive gun.
Imagine if you got laughed at because you couldn't afford to buy a Ferrari like the "smart people", only a cheap Chevy.

As the old line goes, the First Rule of Gunfighting is Have a Gun.
Any gun is worlds better then NO gun.
I long ago stopped smirking at people who bought cheap guns. They usually do what the buyer intends them to do.
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Dammit... I hate when someone makes an irrefutable claim. Thanks a lot Dfaris...

Seriously, you have a point though. I still would think that if someone can spend $180, they can spend $300. It sounds like it's almost double, but it's still $300. I'm no rich man by any stretch, but as I said above, some things are worth stretching and stretching hard. Would I buy a $300 knife? Nope. Not even a $180 knife, but I don't really think of that as the same issue. Keep in mind that this question was asked on a pistolsmith forum, too. You won't get the same answer here as you would get on a site that focuses strictly on functioning/reliable guns.. Call me a snob, but that's true IMO.

All in all though, a gun(THAT WORKS) is better than no gun. A gun that doesn't work is worse than useless. It's misleading. It could lead one to a false sense of security that could lead to the ultimate cost. I've known more folks with these guns over the last few years(This thread is from 2011!) and they all have had good experiences with reliability. They are still lacking in ergos for most folks, and that's conducive to shootability and accuracy .

I wish the OP would update us on this purchase or whatever he ended up getting...

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