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Exclamation K100 Grand Power - barrel failure

I was an owner of the handgun. I've found only the best recommendations regarding this gun and so I bought it.

Hard reality

The firing pin spring was twice destroyed and replaced during 3 months. The fatal failure came with the 1,236th bullet. The barrel was splintered during the last shot and his pieces were shot all round.

I’ve notified Grand Power management about this event and I was expected at least an apology for the fatal failure. Grand Power answer was shocking: It’s normal; we offer a new handgun or money back.

Guys, please save your eyes, health,… life.


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So, you're on a bashing mission....ever give it any thought that maybe....just maybe...your ammo did this?
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I must say that the piece of barrel looks awfully clean. There aren't any bulges anywhere, and the slide looks undamaged. It doesn't look like a gun that blew up, but let's say it did. Given the fact that the barrel "shattered" near the end, where the pressure is at it's lowest, it looks like it was caused by an obstruction in that area. It's could have been a sqib, lodging a bullet in the barrel.
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Statement of Grand Power L.t.d

Dear fans of guns, shooting and stuff,

First of all, we understand, that brand Grand Power, founded ten years ago, is not familiar to all of you as other brands are. We started selling our products in US only five years ago, when we entered your market under the STI brand, our models labeled as STI GP5, STI GP6 and STI GP6C. We have been picking experiences from anyone who was courageous to buy an uknown brand manufactured somewhere in "Eastern" Europe from company without historical references. Our brand is, however, quite well established in Europe.

Customer service has always been on top of our priorities. As you can see, company CEO directly talking to any individual customer...

We were sorry to hear what had happened to the piece of our customer in Czech republic, who has decided to tell the story on this forum. Despite the customer admitted to had been shooting reloaded ammo which, more often than not, might under adverse circumstances lead to barrel rupture of any gun, our company offered the customer a brand new replacement pistol of the same model. Even in this case, we simply decided to follow our no-questions-asked approach to each warranty issue as ever.

Despite being generously offered a replacement gun of the same model, the customer demanded so much more – an additional compensation in form of our top line sporting model the X-calibur (more than double the price of the replacement model) and a pack of 10 000 rounds of ammunition. You be the judge.

This is where our communication with the customer has ended. Other than bashing the brand on many firearms forums, the customer has never contacted us since. However, we will still be happy to handle the matter in our standard warranty procedure.

Many thanks for hearing our side of the story.

Grand Power Team
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Don't worry...we Americans recognize an asshat when we see one.
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To provide it complete, here is email communication

Here is the communication from other point of view. Blackhand wrote to Grandpower and he got a response from founder of company personally. Translated from Czech and Slovak languages. Everyone can make its opinion now.

Sept 10th 2013 12:58
Good day,
Could you provide some photos, type of ammunition and the way you used the gun? Our philosophy is 100% support to the clients. Doesnt matter what was the reason of failure, we will send you a brand new gun for free. Let your reseller contact Us
with respect

Sending photos, shooting at target range with roof, reloaded ammo from reseller of gun. Reloading Sola? - p?ebíjení
According to a fatal failure of your product I do not find a new gun satisfactory. In case of sending me a new gun I rather switch to more reliable brand with better customers support. The only way to make me satisfied would be Grand Power X-Calibur and 10 000pcs of ammo.
With regards
Pavel Kos

Sept 10th
Dear Sir,
Now I understand, why you reseller didn't sent us any complaint. Reloaded ammo is not reliable as original one. Internet is full of information about accidents caused by reloaded ammunition. This happens to all brands. I am very sorry about your experience, but we cannot take responsibility for something, what's responsibility of ammo manufacturer. Anyway, our offer of K100Mk7 is still actual. If our offer is not good enough for you, please, contact your reseller and ask money back. I wish you good luck and enjoy higher quality handguns from manufacturers with better support.
with respect
Jaroslav Kuracina

Thank you, I had enough. Your company is unable to be correct and admit poor quality of barrel. You know very well that reloaded ammo is undersized
with regards
Pavel Kos

Exactly, the fact of smaller size often leads to obstruct the barrel and such obstruction leads ALWAYS to a destruction of barrel. By the way, raw barrels were manufactured by "golden Czech hands" from CZ UB Uhersky Brod. Your email sound like blackmail.
with regards
Jaroslav Kuracina

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Don't worry...we Americans recognize an asshat when we see one.

On the barrel...


I've learned that just about anything can happen. This could have been due to an invisible defect inside the steel, which can't be detected with the unaided eye.

It doesn't appear to have been caused by a squib, which leaves a bulge.


This wasn't a catastrophic explosion.

There's no danger to the shooter with such an occurrence. As noted, the pressure is much lower at the muzzle end, and once the fracture began, any pressure remaining would have been vented into the slide and contained...which is exactly what happened.



Creating a rant on a public forum after the manufacturer has offered to replace the gun... regardless of the cause...is a bit over the top. Really...what would you have them do...sacrifice their first born?

You need to back up and take a breath, neighbor.
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so now what happen with black hawk now
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I guess he stews in his own juices. I can't see why he would complain, but it doesn't surprise me any more.

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