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How far will it go?

As much as I hate to admit it, I experienced an accidental discharge the other day with my Glock 30....yeah, I know..I'm an idiot. My question is this..the round (230 grain Winchester white box) travelled 10', went through a sliding glass door, consisting of two panes of 1/8" glass. From there, it travelled another 10 feet, went through a 26 guage roof panel at a high angle, went about 3 inches further, through a standing seam in the roof panel(two 26 guage panels, back to back)....from there ...who knows. No one was injured, and there was no property damage other than my own(that I'm aware of). Do any of you guys have any idea as to how far the round may have travelled? I'm thinking that it didn't go too far, given everything it went through. I'm new here, and I really hate that this is my first post. I have been around handguns for many years, shot my biggest deer with a 44mag...I guess Ijust had a brain fart. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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45acp's don't go very far. However, from the sounds of it, it was pointed upward, so you have an arch to contend with in calculating distance traveled. However, I'm sure it lost a bit of velocity during the penetration of the other stuff. In short...not very far.

I hope you understand that there is no such thing as an accidental discharge...only a negligent one. Glocks (or most guns, for that matter) won't fire unless you pull the trigger...which means your finger was where it wasn't suppossed to be, when it wasn't suppossed to be.

Enough of the lecture....learn and don't repeat.
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You are exactly right. I was wrong by saying accidental, and yes, I have learned my lesson big time. My only excuse is that I got complacent from being around handguns for so many years. I can assure you that it will not be repeated. Thank you for your response, and for the lecture....I deserve it. You have no idea how long it took me to gather the nerve to post this. Hopefully someone else may learn from my stupidity.
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Originally Posted by ScottMcM View Post
Hopefully someone else may learn from my stupidity.
Stupid doesn't look into the mirror such as you does.

Humans make mistakes. Chin up, move forward, good on you for self-examination.
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Not many of us will own. Up to it years ago shot wife's micowave. With 45lc years later told her remember that micro that went out just saying around them long enough . Get alittile careless as long as a lesson is leard .
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I don't know anyone who hasn't done it. Good reason to remember never to point in an unsafe direction.

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remember there is never an "unloaded gun" never. the other day a friend of mine said "oh it's not loaded" my answer was I have never seen an unloaded gun, they are always loaded.
years ago in the Marines, all ready on the right I lifted by pistol began lowering it for the next command and bang, a hole in the shed roof. that was 54 years ago, not any events since, but there is always tomorrow.
billy mac
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I teach gunsmithing part time. One thing I try to get into my students heads is never get comfortable with guns. It's like anything else. When you get comfortable you get neglectful. I have a hole in my shop wall from an oops. Once you have an oops you won't ever get neglectful again. Don't let the so called experts make you feel stupid for your accident. It happens to us all once. At least no one got hurt. And those that can say they have never had an oops are liars. I work with guns every day and had an oops. It won't ever happen again. Once you have an oops the way you treat weapons changes forever. Fix the whole and move on. And thanks for your honesty. May we all be so lucky with our oops.

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