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Like others have said, the 1911 tends to be touted as the most ergonomical (sp) pistol. It is the format (ie Frame mounted safty, single action, .45) that many American shooters want. Most firearm companys attempt to get a piece of that market, but they always seem to fall short on one of a fairly short list of desired traits. There seems to be a growing understanding of this with many manufacturers coming closer to this ideal (USP with its ability to be cocked and locked and being a .45) but still misses the mark for many shooters due to some differences. Why don't makers set up their pistols more similar to a 1911. It can't be extraordinarily difficult to produce a P220 with a american style manual safty, or being able to be carryed cocked and locked, can it? I've noticed this Billienum (spelling agian) from Beretta with its frame safty and single action, but the grip is too wide for many. They also have made the Vertec with its slimmer grip. Perhaps if they mixed the two....whats the deal with these people not catching on?

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You asked a rhetorical question I often ask myself. Not just of non-1911 platforms, but also 1911 platforms.

As for the non-1911 platforms (HK, Beretta, etc.) the reason I think they do not make their firemarms more like 1911 is due to the fact that their primary market is police agencies. Right now what is hot in police agencies is high capacity 40 S&W double actions. Also the 1911 platform is very unpopular with law enforcement (bueracracy), due to their misguided opinions of carrying in condition one. If Beretta, HK, Sig Saur made guns mimicking the 1911 in almost all handling aspects they would lose their piece of the police market share.

As for companies that produce 1911's, why did it take a virtually unknown company, Kimber, to raise the bar? The 1911 has been around for 90 years. In that time custom gunsmiths have turned them into true works of art, in both aesthetics and perfomance. Yet it took a company with a near revelation in business concepts, give the customer what they want at a price they are willing to pay for it, to raise that bar. What Kimber did, Colt should of done all along. If they did Springfield Armory, Kimber, Rock River, and all the other production custom 1911 manufactures would of never existed.

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