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Old 03-17-2002, 02:05 PM   #1
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A novice friend of mine would like to buy
one of these(mainly as it is the most
affordable quality auto we can find), does
anyone have one and can offer an informed
opinion of them? Thanks...
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Old 03-18-2002, 01:58 PM   #2
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handled a friends awhile back but never owned one...i just couldn't get over the way the top of the slide sloped away from the muzzle. :wink:

the pistol is large, for CCW, and the bore line is higher than i like but...the ploymer frame is very comfortable (much nicer than the earlier p90) and the trigger wasn't bad (just grit that would clean up)

we were both pleasently (?) surprised by how accurate it was. i recommend the p97 to friends who want a .45 but aren't ready :eek: for a sig 220 or kimber
Old 03-18-2002, 06:21 PM   #3
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I don't have one, but have experience with them. A friend of mine does have one, and I can say that they are fine guns. The gun feels real light and you thing "This thing's gonna kick like a mother ($*#er" but it doesn't. Kicks harder than a P-90, but not much.

There is an issue with the P-97s that a lot of people have experienced. Brass to the forehead. Some people get it every shot, some get it on the last one or two out of the magazine. Some have it just with certain ammo, some have it with all ammo. Some fix it with a mag replacement, some can't. With my friend's P-97, it happens to everyone who has shot the gun, so we know it's not limp-wristing.

I've seen and experienced this with the P-97, and it is distracting. If it's just the last one or two, it's just an annoyance. If it's all of them, it makes it real hard to focus on the shot. Fortunately, the P-97 doesn't really kick them out hard, so it doesn't hurt, and it's real kind about putting them in the center of your forehead instead of your eye, at least.

That said, I've never had that happen with my dad's P-90, and only twice with my Springfield Mil-Spec, both times were within the first two magazines worth of ammo. Again, NEVER happened with the P-90.

All that said (no, my fingers aren't out of breath), I do prefer the P-90 over the P-97, but that's a matter of personal preference. I also prefer my Springfield over the P-90, but again, personal preference.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a P-90, except I already have a good .45 Auto, so it's not high on the list. A P-97, on the other hand, is WAAAAY down the list, but only because of the brass to the forehead thing. If Ruger were to sort that out from the factory (they will fix it if you contact them), then the '97 would be up closer to the '90 on my list.

Oh, and the '97 is a bit bulky for CCW, but some people out there can comfortably carry the P-90 which is bigger, so there's bound to be someone who can handle the '97 without problems.
Old 03-18-2002, 10:32 PM   #4
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Hello folks...
I've felt one up at the local gunshop, and
personally wouldn't own one, but I've got
to say, it did have an awfully smooth DA.
It was very suprising to me that it was
actually much smoother than my Novak custom
Sig p220! The lad in question(LIQ)weighs
in at 255 lbs and is 6'2", so hiding it is
not much of a problem...I'm in the same
weight class, and I used to carry full-sized
HK USP's and Glock 20/21's without much
difficulty. I thank you guys for your input,
but I'd also like to hear from an owner.
Old 03-19-2002, 10:50 AM   #5
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Have one, good gun, take down is a little weird, with that ejector pivoted down in the mag well, but it shoots well enough. Have never carried it. Gave it to my younger brother. He likes it a lot. Light weight, reliable, kinda fugly. Price was right. Semper Fidelis...Ken M
Old 03-19-2002, 06:27 PM   #6
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maybe that casing to the forehead is a designed in feature...a pre-slide locked-back warning, "one round left" :wink:
Old 03-19-2002, 09:25 PM   #7
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LOL! Well, crap, now it looks like I'll have
to tweak my 1911 extractor back so that I
have a last round indicator too!!!
Old 03-30-2002, 07:08 PM   #8
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I have one and love it.Best bang for the bucks.It is a bit balky for carry in the summer time.Mine has not had a FTF and the trigger is great.I give it 5 stars.
Old 04-14-2002, 04:32 PM   #9
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I have a 97 as well as a 90. I have had no problems with either pistol. I prefer the 90 on appearance grounds. For carrying, I choose the 95, because of the lighter weight and greater ammo capacity. .45 acp may be a better stopper, but shooters tend to be very inaccurate in real gun battles, so I like the idea of having 16 rounds of 9 MM available (18 with my Mec-Gar 17 round mags).

Old 04-15-2002, 09:22 PM   #10
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Well Allison, that is where perfect practice
comes into play......the more you practice
perfectly, the better you'll do when the
balloon goes up...I have absolutely no
problems double tapping on a business card
at 5-10 yards, and an index sized one up
to 20 with a full power 10mm.

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