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Can this be true:

Somebody over on stated that the .40 cal auto has the highest one shot kill record of any gun ever. Says that it has to do with the bullet weight and velocity. Said that I should do the research.
With the venerable .45 auto going through all of the wars that it has gone through and being made since 1911. I do not know how to do a poll, as I haven't been on this forum for a while, but could even stand a chance of being true?
Thanks in advance
Gary Wells
If it is possible to put this query in a poll form, to poll the responses, I would appreciate it.
If not, and anyway, I am interested in you guys thoughts on this issue. ... genumber=2
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The .40 S&W hasn't even been around long enough to have a "history".
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Its because of Marshall&Sanows statistics showing a one shot stop % for the 155gr HydraShok @ 97% which eclipses the 357 125gr magnum according to them.
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So I guess that proves that SOMEBODY needs to do the research, since M&S don't quite pass muster on their statistical methods...

I'm not trying to restart that argument, but applying their methodology to my golf game would make my hole-in-one ratio pretty darn good (don't count the times that I had to hit the ball more than once) :wink:

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M&S don't quite pass muster on their statistical methods...

Thank you 8)

I think the better way to look at is some combinations work very well and some don't 9mm ball doesn't. Most 230 gr HPs in 45 do. Pick and choose after that :roll:

Old 08-22-2002, 10:10 AM   #6
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The M&S penchant for carrying "stopping power" percentages out two decimal places cracks me up! Cooper coined the term acronym "pii" (preoccupation with inconsequential increments) for such excesses.

Old 10-30-2002, 10:59 PM   #7
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Hey guys!
I'm glad ya'll brought this up. A buddy of mine just informed me that their stats were, in his words,"highly questionable".
Because of "M & S" I have always felt comfortable with a 9mm loaded with COR-BON 115's. 'Damn good thing I never needed to use it. :evil:
I just dumped the 9 & went back to a .45 (Glock 30). As another buddy puts it, "9mm's may expand, but .45's never shrink". Words to live by.
Old 10-31-2002, 05:44 PM   #8
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M&S stats are questionable? Hell they are downright laughable. They count only one shot affairs. They throw out of their data any 3-shot-and-walked-away stuff. So how reliable is that. It is some of the worst statistical data ever.
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Hello. I don't know if certain folks are playing loosely with stats or not, but to me, it seems reasonable to believe that placement remains the primary determinant. I suspect strongly that even 9mm ball in the right hands might very well have received higher "stats" than the "50%" stopper stated by some and higher or lower by others.

I'm not a fan of the forty for various reasons, but I will say that I think the forty-five with about any decent load and decently placed would be very, very hard to beat in the defensive scenario.

Perhaps a reasonable approach would be to pick the gun, caliber, load you have faith in and practice, practice, practice.



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