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Need advice!

I have a Tanfoglio Witness EAA 45 acp and every once in a while it jamming on me. It jams while ejecting the old brass. I have been looking at the gun and noticed that there is a step up on the outter side of the ejection port. I was woundering if I was to grind it down tell it was flush with the inner part would this take care of my ejection problem? Or would this cause other problems?
Any advice on how to fix this problem would be great!
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Never alter ANYTHING until you're 100% CERTAIN that's the problem.
Just altering things hoping to hit on a correction for a problem is how nice guns get ruined.

First things to do concern the recoil spring, extractor, ejector, and chamber.

Check the recoil spring to insure you have the correct spring in the gun.
Too strong a spring can cause ejection failures.
Since there's no practical way to check the spring, just replace it with a new FACTORY weight spring.

Check the extractor and it's spring.
Look for a worn, chipped, broken, altered, or otherwise damaged or defective extractor.
Make sure the extractor spring is good and the extractor and spring are not fouled or rusted and are free to move under heavy spring pressure.

Make sure the extractor hook is making proper contact with the case rim.
The extractor needs to be gripping the rim almost to it's full depth but not contacting the side of the case.
Disassemble the slide from the frame and put a loaded round up under the extractor.
Turn the slide right side up and give it a gentle shake. The loaded round should be held by the extractor and not just fall out.

Check the ejector for wear, breaks, chips, bends, or alteration.

Inspect the chamber for rust, corrosion, rings or bulges, or built up fouling.
Order a bronze chamber brush from Brownell's and use it to throughly scrub the chamber.
Inspect the chamber closely.
The Brownell's bronze chamber brushes are better then using an over caliber bore brush. The bristles are stiffer and the brush is bigger.

Try a different magazine. It's possible a bad mag can cause these problems.

Most important, try different ammo.
A great many times just different ammo "cures" the issue.

If none of the above fails to fix the issue, DON'T start grinding on the gun. Either take it to a qualified gunsmith or send it back to EAA for repair.
In all likelihood the slide is not the problem and all you'll do is really screw it up. Grinding metal off is easy. Putting it back on isn't.

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+1 on what dfariswheel said!!

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