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M&P 45 Trigger misfire

My friend just bought a m&p .45 from a pawn shop,and the trigger is sometimes slipping and not engaging the sear. When this happens if you release the trigger and allow it to return to its normal position, and then again pull the trigger it will engage sear. I am curious to know if anyone has had same or other problems with their triggers on the M&P .45. If so, what steps did you take to fix?
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Could be any number of causes but what's common with used guns is the action is impacted with old fouling and dried out lubricant.
This could be the reason it will reset the second time.

First step is to give the gun a good deep cleaning.
I'd use a POLYMER GUN SAFE "gun scrubber" type cleaner-degreaser spray to thoroughly flush out the action.
After flushing make sure the gun is completely dry. You can use a hair dryer (Note: HAIR DRYER, not heat gun, blow torch, or oven) to warm the action up to dry it.

After it's dry spray in your favorite lubricant. Rem-Oil is a little thin and tends to run off but will coat everything with a rust proofing coat.
Then use a standard lube of some sort to lubricate key parts.

If after this the gun still malfunctions I strongly recommend sending it back to S&W for a factory level diagnoses and repair.
S&W has a life-time warranty, but I'm not sure if that covers subsequent owners or just the original.
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Good advice, love the underline on hairdryer!! I know how important it is to make sure you are understood. I was thinking of a performance sear that s&w has for this model, but will follow your advice first. Again, thank you...
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Before altering anything or replacing anything, the first step is to correctly diagnose the actual problem.

Where people get into trouble is replacing parts or altering parts blind hoping to hit on a fix.
This usually results in making even more trouble that has to be found and corrected before the original problem can be fixed.

Unless and until you're 100% SURE you know what the problem is, don't change anything.
One of my favorites was a guy who didn't think the price charged for a diagnose and repair on a 1911 was worth it so he figured to fix it himself.
After buy ALL NEW hammer, sear, disconnecter, etc, botching up the sear and hammer stoning them to try to get it working correctly, and buying another new hammer and sear, I took a 3 minute look and told him the trigger stop screw needed to be backed out one turn.

Charge was free.
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