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Squibshot454! 03-09-2018 08:30 AM

Raging Bull 454 Issue
Hello everyone reading this. Don't quite have a grip on how this site segregates posts so as not to step into anyones thread and hijack it, as I'm new. If I just did, my apologies. To the point, I recently bought a used RB Casull on line and noticed that the ejector rod seems to have a little amount of wear forward of the yoke. The play isn't circular but oblong in retrospect to the ejector rod diameter. This makes me hesitant to fire this thing as I think the cylinder could break loose from the ejector itself. Or the alignment could cause a slight issue with the round not entering forcing cone properly. By the way I managed to run serial number on handgun and it was manufactured in 2016. Anyone know if this is an inherent issue with this revolver because I can't find any answers on line. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

dfariswheel 03-09-2018 02:05 PM

Sounds like the ejector rod is slightly bent.

Since the Raging Bull uses a Dan Wesson type front latch on the cylinder yoke, the ejector rod has nothing to do with lockup.

This is not really something to be overly concerned about, and unless the cylinder is sticky in rotation all that will happen is the slight cosmetic wear on the rod.

Open the cylinder and give the cylinder a slight push to spin it.
Watch and feel the cylinder for any drag or stickiness.
If the rod is bent badly you'll see or feel the cylinder dragging during one place as the bent rod drags in the yoke, but rotate freely everywhere else in the rotation.

Then slowly rotate the cylinder as you look at the ejector rod where it enters the yoke.
As the cylinder turns you'll probably see the rod contacting the hole in the yoke at some point of rotation.

If this just bugs you, most any competent gunsmith can straighten the rod, or you can send it back to Taurus. If the gun is new they will usually send you a shipping label or pickup notice so you don't have to pay shipping.

As far as any damage to the ejector assembly or causing bullets to not enter the barrel properly, that's not an issue.
It's not going to break.

It's not unusual for many revolvers to have a worn spot on the ejector rod, but unlike a brand like the S&W that locks the front of the ejector rod in the barrel, the Taurus won't have a problem with a slightly bent rod.

Bottom line..... Unless the cylinder is dragging or sticking all it is is a slight cosmetic wear issue.

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