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Gunsmith trade schools, online courses, etc.

Im looking to start a new hobby; using my mil spec 1911 as my learning tool. Are there any well accredited online courses on gunsmithing? What are some of the big names in gunsmithing for learning the trade that I could possibly spend part of my GI bill on?
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gunsmithing school

One of the best Gunsmithing gunsmithing schools is the American Gunsmithing Institute , they teach via Vedio or DVD. Their wlikks are great. check them out on line.
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I used to work for the guy that did the majority of the tapes for AGI , he was the head instructor at Lassen College Gunsmithing program for years , IMO you would be hard pressed to find a better repair man , you may want to also consider some of the NRA summer courses
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I also want to learn!!!! I'm old (59) but good with my hands and have built models, worked on electronics, ham radio operator 20+ years, was a Locomotive Electrician , I'm a college grad, a Analytical Chemist and did experimental Farming for an IVY league university. Now I want to Massage hand guns ,for myself now....and for others maybe in the future. Where Do I start? Here on Long Island...we are more like New Englanders than like New Yorkers.

Can somebody help me get started....or point me in the right direction, PLEASE!
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My son's been wanting to take the AGI course for a while. Heck I wouldn't mind taking either. The local university has an several metal working classes, knife making, cnc, foundry etc..
I took foundry 101 just wish I had more time for the others.
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I would check with Bill Laugheridge at Cylinder&Slide. He does some classes as does Ned Christianson @ Michiguns. A lot of community colleges offer such as well.
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The internet courses are great...... at separating you from your money.
At teaching you about quality gunsmithing.... not so much.

You can learn from the AGI courses, but you don't have an instructor looking over your shoulder and telling you if you're doing it right or not. You may or may not learn what you need to know, and you won't know that until you start working on other peoples guns, by which time you may find yourself being sued for ruining a gun.

If you intend to take money from other people for gun work, you better be a stone cold professional who was taught by stone cold professionals, and that means one of the top attendance schools like Colorado School of Trades or Trinidad Junior College in Colorado.
Here's a link to the gunsmithing schools. These are attendance schools that train real gunsmiths, not hobbyists:

If you want to do some work for yourself and learn a specific gun, buy the Jerry Kuhnhausen Shop Manuals.
You can buy these from Brownell's and Midway:

MidwayUSA - Advanced Search

Kuhnhausen was a master gunsmith who also trained gunsmiths for the industry.
He wrote these shop manuals as training aids for new gunsmiths.
These manuals teach the RIGHT way... The FACTORY way.
These teach how to do modern factory level gun work and not the old hack methods of making parts and heating and bending.
You can learn a lot with these manuals, and the techniques transfer over to other types of guns.

However, the bottom line is, if you're going to work on other peoples guns, you BETTER know your stuff.
If you intend to do work for other people, you HAVE to have a Federal Firearms License, all local and state licenses and permits, a state tax number, be in an area zoned for a gun business, and have liability insurance at least on the customers guns.
Working on other peoples guns without an FFL is a no-BS Federal crime.

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