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Eastern Pa gunsmiths

I am in Jersey and planning on moving out west maybe in less than two months. I have a P14 about ten years old or so that is constantly jamming. Replaced magazine, put in Wolf recoil springs and refinished the frame in Black Teflon. I wanted use a PA gunsmith but don't know of a reliable good one with a short enough turn around time. I planned on fixing it myself but ran out of time. I used Dunkelberger's in East Stroudsberg a few years ago to do the Black T finish. They sent it somewhere else without telling me and even though I'm happy with the way it looks, it took WAY longer than the said. 7 to 10 days turned into 11 months! I don't want that experience again when I'm planning on moving. Does anyone know a really good 1911 smith or someone who could fix it? I'm not necessarily looking for someone who can do it overnight, but someone who can honestly tell me when it will be done and be able to stick with it. I just want it for the road trip west because it's my favorite carry piece, and I don't care to much for any of my other pistols, even though none of the others have ever jammed. Please help if you know someone.
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Re: Eastern Pa gunsmiths

Ok, I just had the weirdest experience of my life. I called up Mountain Competition in tannersville pa. When i mentioned the p14 he asked what it was. I explained it was a para-ordnance p14 in .45 acp. I told him I have a failure to go into battery problem, and don't have time or skills to fix it myself. He says Para's are ok, but not very good. I understand so far. After I explain what I did so far to remedy the problem, like replace recoils spring and magazine, he asks what I am doing with it. I figure he thinks I am shooting some exotic load and thinks I need modifications. I explain I'd like to shoot hollow-points eventually but haven't even gotten FMJ and hardball type ammo to feed right yet. He clarifies and says what's the purpose of the pistol. I say I'd like to someday use it as a concealed carry piece. He says what are you a cop? (I'd already told him I was from NJ). I explain, no but I travel a lot and have a non-res NH permit, which last I checked was still valid in pa. He says he wouldn't recommend carrying in pa. Then he says, "I'm one of those rare individuals who has a permit to both open carry and concealed carry in pa." What the heck. Then he says he spent so many years in military intelligence that he can carry open or concealed in all 50 states. I don't know, but anybody who tells me they've got an open carry permit for pa has already lost my business. I ain't spending any money there. I can carry open in pa with or without a permit.

I was recommended by a salesman from the gun department at Cabelas to see EGW in pa. Anyone have any prior experience with them? Are they any good?
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Re: Eastern Pa gunsmiths

E G W is good

Bill Caldwell

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