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Well, Hoser....My USP was a compact, so replacement springs
were not available in heavier weight....I just changed them
real often, and didn't use the heavier loadings. I did have a
Bar-Sto barrel made in .40 Super, but the stock barrel for
.45s should work just fine. Remember: Fresh springs are life!
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Originally Posted by M. Hall View Post
Hey again! I agree with Clark on the fact of: If you want a
'magnum' gun, start with one. I was bored of the lack of
'personality' that plastic guns have, and thought I'd play
around a little. The Super HK was hell on coyotes, but I
really didn't build it with self-defense or hunting in mind.
The recoil wasn't the killer, or even the splits....it was the
muzzle flash and the lack of hair on the front side of my
body that kept me from carrying the little monster!
I agree with both of you. I like the idea of the .45 Super, but just looking at it from a safety angle, it would be better if you could start out with a gun that already shoots that round or go to a competent smith and make sure that your favorite blaster is properly converted to handle and fire that round.

I do believe that the HKs were made to handle high-pressure .45 loads (probably to include the Super), but I'd still have a good smith go and do a once over. In that case, I think that going straight to the source, as it were, would be the best route to go - Ace's .45 Super.

Not trying to sound like an endorser, just my 2 cents worth.
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The manual that came with my .45 USP Compact states it will handle +P+ ammo but I have never seen a specification for that loading in .45acp. But it sounds as if the H&K's would be fine with the .45 Super.

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