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HK 1911

I read in the Guns & Ammo special Book of the 1911 that Heckler & Koch is developing their own 1911 with the help of none other than Larry Vickers. Anyone have any info about this?
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1911 Heckler & Koch? Blasphemy!!!
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A couple of years ago on the 1911 forum, Mr. Vickers threw a question out there- "What would you want on a factory 1911?", or something like that.
It was pretty hush-hush, but he alluded to a "project" that when it was completed, should make a lot of people happy.
It got about a zillion responses, with a lot of "who's making it?,"what project?".
He never answered those questions that I know of. I haven't seen any postings by him in over a year or more, so I assume he is "away on business".

I think we can safely assume the HK 1911 was it.

Thing is, it's been a while since I first heard of it aknowledged by HK, and I don't think they've announced it as being ready yet. Last I checked, there was nothing on their website.
I wonder if they're waiting on Mr. Vickers to get home? With things as they are, that might be a while.
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If H&K "introduce" their 1911 anytime soon, it better be the best thing around. What's more, if they release it at an acceptable price, i.e. more competitive than that of SIG, they'll blast the market and swipe the GSR’s foothold (if there is such a thing...).

It seems commonplace nowadays to bring a "new" 1911 to market. I suppose since the high-cap days died out and the explosion or resurgence of the big-bore happened, it became inevitable that manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon releasing whatever magazines appeared to make popular.

We'll have to wait and see on the H&K "1911", hoping for the best, but bracing ($$$) for the worst...

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