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sonic 357sig 09-13-2004 05:05 PM

H&K P 2000sk
:D I got one! I got it at the end of August. It is in 40cal, and it is sweet! It is right on accurate out of the box. It is the LEM trigger and my first experience with one. I can tell you that I really like the DAO LEM. For me, it is smoother than a Glock's. For such a small pistol, the felt recoil is very light, especially for a 40cal. Have fun & stay safe! :P P.S. Yes, it is a 40cal. I'm hoping one day soon H&K will make a 357sig barrel for it! :wink:

jester_s1 09-14-2004 01:29 PM

Isn't the 357 barrel for the USP Compact the same? I think all they changed for the P2000 was the grip.

sonic 357sig 09-15-2004 09:57 AM

Not the same
:P The P2000us takes the mags from the USP's, even the Subcompact P2000sk which I own will take them. They just hang out about an extra inch from the bottom, but the Compact P2000us is made to take the clips of the USPc's. The barrels will not swap as far as I know.the listed barrel length for the USPc 357 sig & the 40cal is: 3.58". The barrel length for the P2000us is: 3.62" in 40cal.,and in the P2000sk it is 2.48" in 40cal. It looks like it's wait untill they make 357sig barrels for these guns, or you get one custom. I would think the last option would be kind of pricey though. Have fun & stay safe! :D

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