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Reflecting on the USP9

I'm a new poster to these forums, but along time reader. I picked up a SIG 220 the other day in a 45acp. Great guns don't get me wrong, but still no where near my USP 9. I'm just posting this to praise the guns. I've put A-L-O-T of rounds through my USP thus far, and asside from a little finish wear on the very top of the barrel, the gun looks LNIB. I didn't even fire the SIG, but when I stippred it down some of the finish had already worn off the breach block! After firing it today, with less than desireable patterns (I think due to cheap ammo), the finish on the SIGS aluminum frame is already wearing and chipped!. My USP is older and more used, but it looks like a newer gun. The only gripe I have with my gun is the grips. I bought a Hogue wrap-around grip, even on the 9mm, the grip was too big for comfort and I have a fairly large grip. I'm beginning to wonder if I should have went with another USP for a 45acp...Not only for the finish and the better sights (atleast for me), but also for the larger mag capacity.... 10rds for USP and only 8 for the Sig 220. Both are great guns. I'd recommend them to anyone with the extra change.
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Personally, I think you have two great, high quality guns.
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Eizenherz,as I mentioned on my Sig forum post I have had a great experience with my 220 after practice. The finish problems you are having sound worse than what I have seen our heard from others. Contact Sig and see what they have to say on the matter. Owning a Sig should never be a bad experience.
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Here is a pic of what I was talking about on the frame of my SIG...sorry for the low quality photos but it was the best I could do right now..

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