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"Large Frame" carry for a "Small Frame"

I am 5'8", 200lb guy who likes the ole 5" 1911. I want to carry a full size pistol, but worry that it print or just not work out (kinda like a fat guy inna little coat). Anybody out there in a similar situation that found a way to pull it off. What are some good holster choices for the problem?
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Just suggestions, but from similar experience - When I was at 230, and 6'1", I carried a SIG 220 very comfortably in an Alessi MOB, worn behind my right hip instead of over the spine as it was designed for. Because it was intended for MOB carry, it has more "muzzle rear" rake, and the position of the Talon clip puts the belt over the trigger guard, pulling the butt higher than most IWB rigs, and tucking it in tight to the side. I used it for two summers under tail-out shirts, with my sons watching for prints, etc., and it was completely invisible. The WSDT and a couple of others are attached to the belt at two places, and therefore more stable, but the MOB shifts just enough to avoid t-shirt wrinkles (painful after a few hours) but it holds its' position very nicely - even driving. Beaches in Oklahoma?? Cave paintings??? Sounds like a Floridian I know...maybe not
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As long as you are willing to be flexible with your clothing choices, a good quality IWB should adequately conceal a full size 1911 on you. One thing that will also help is wearing the weapon at about a 4 o'clock position, just behind the hip. It is slightly slower than a 3 o'clock carry, but is much more concealable.
Also keep in mind that a proper HOLSTER belt will go a long way toward making the weapon carry properly. A lot of guys try to economize by making due with whatever belt they presently own. Major mistake. The belt is the holster's foundation. A bad foundation will result in poor performance. It will not carry or draw properly simply because a regular belt is only intended to hold up your pants. A holster belt is much more heavily constructed and is engineered to hold up your pants along with several pounds of handgun and related equipment. A good one is also curved in order to lie flat on your hip bones, and is much more comfortable as a result. I hope this helped. If I can be of further service, please feel free to call me @ (352) 288-3292 or E-mail me @ [email protected]. Thanks.

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