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Concept behind ammo types-9mm

Ok so I am looking into a k9 Elite for myself in the future and have a question about 9mm ammo. I know you dont want over penetration, and also dont want over expansion and thusly insufficient penetration. Right???

So I went to the "Ammo Lab" website and looked at the testing results from the 9mm roundup and it appears that some ammo expands to almost 3/4" and some barley opens up at all. Question is, when looking at the results, where in the expansion numbers would you want a good defense round to fall ? Also with 9mm not being the most powerful round out there, is it better to go with a 115 gr ball type or heavier H.P. type?
Lets for the sake of arguement negate the fact that some guns cycle and shoot some loads better than others and look at in terms of the theory of the proper amount of expansion to be effective in stopping another human being.
Are there any other websites someone could point me too?

Thanks in advance-

P.S. Check out this article on the 9mm, some pretty interesting stats and thoughts here!
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pretty hard to go wrong with 124g Hydra Shocks, Gold dots, or Win 127g Ranger. any of the premium hollowpoints seem to do equally well. When you are over at Ammo lab, look at how many inches those rounds penetrated to expand that way. Just don't get a round that expands well, but doesn't penetrate. Penetration is important. Any round can overpenetrate depending on circumstances; but that is your secondary concern. Corbon's PowRball at 100g's looks very interesting! I have some of the old Geco BAT rounds which I love, if and when I run out of them, the PowRball may be the replacement round.
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The debate over best choice of hollowpoint pistol bullets is endless.
But I know of nobody seriously recommending hardball in 9mm.

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