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Should I sell a G26 for a PM9?

I currently own a Glock 26 which I really like a lot but not for its intended purpose. It is a joy to shoot at the range but I find myself not carrying it as much as I intended because of the thickness. So most of the time I throw a Kel-Tec P32 in my pocket.

I have seen the PM9 and it would fit perfect in my pocket and it would probably be more comfortable for IWB carry as well. I do not care about losing a few rounds of ammo either.

Currently I own three glocks (19, 26, 30) so I don't believe I would miss it that much, since the 19 is my favorite overall.

What do you PM9 owners think?


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Old 11-26-2003, 10:00 AM   #2
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G26 for PM9

If you want some thing that carries well in your pocket that will be more substantial then the Kel Tec then definitly do it, in my opinion it is the best pocket gun out there as of now, I own one and it is my summer pocket carry gun, with +P+ 115 or 127 grain ammo it is very relaiable and a good stopper and very accurate also. It also carries in a belt holster real well with 2 spare mags it has a total of 21 rounds and you do not know that you have it on.
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Sounds like you answered your own question. I too appreciate Glocks but the thickness makes it way too bulky for a small concealible weapon. The PM9 has the best dimensions for hi-power pocket carry made. No offense but I don't have a high opinion of Kel Tec products, good for the money I guess.
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Thanks for the opinions. I am selling my Glock 26 today locally.

Anyone know where to get a good deal on a PM9?

Sailfish - I can understand your opinion on Kel-Tecs. A lot of people have problems with their Kel-tecs but a bunch also have no problems. From my experiances those who get P32's that work fine out of the box never have any issues. The problem is some people have problems with them right away and they become nightmare guns. My P32 has had no problems with over a 1000 rounds through it.


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I too have a G19 and a G26. The 26 is definately my favorite carry but the PM9 I have really has it's benefits that the 26 doesn't, mainly the size.

When I wear heavier clothes the 26 is really easy to conceal but with light shirts the PM9 in an IWB can't be beat. I've had my PM9 about 2 months and really like it. My only problem with it was it didn't have night sites but I finally got some Trijicons installed on it and I can see it slowly becoming my favorite. You won't be dissapointed with the PM9.
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I sold It

Well I sold my G26 today. I will miss it but I am sure my PM9 will make up for it.

Now I just have to find one for a descent price.



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