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DualBerettas 11-27-2003 08:26 PM

recoil spring on kahr during dissasembly
the factory has warnings in the manual saying not to dissasemble the recoil spring guide...oops! i did. every other pistol it's ok to do on, but, not the Kahr??? HUGE warning to not do this and, if installed improperly can result in INJURY?? Judging from the instructions, the diagrams in the manual and what Bill Wilson said about recoil guide springs, I assembled the Kahr with the 'open ended' part of the spring closest to the muzzle and the 'close ended' part of the spring at the rear of the recoil spring guide, closest to the breech, trigger, etc. did i do it right? what's the deal with this and Kahr?


dfariswheel 11-27-2003 09:56 PM

Large end forward, small end to the rear is the standard, but Kahr may be different.

Before shooting it, CONTACT Kahr. Phone or email.

Most modern gun manuals have warnings about disassembling past a certain point. These are sometimes attempts to keep "Bubba" from being unable to get his gun back together, and sometimes there's a specific reason not to disassemble something.

Generally, unless you're a qualified gunsmith, or have the skills of one.....follow the manual.

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