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Stainless Steel Guide Rods for MK9/40

I bought the stainless steel guide rod replacement for my new MK9 Elite 2003 - now I need to know how to dismantle the springs from the original and install the new guide rod... of course I could take it to the gunsmith and let him do it, but why do that if I could do it myself. I remember reading something about this subject here, but can't find the post. Has any one done this? - I need help. Thanks. Pete (The Oldfella)
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Old 04-30-2004, 06:39 PM   #2
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Oldfella: Go to Kahr's Website,, click on accessories, scroll down to stainless steel guide rods, click on mk guide rods....This will give you the instructions. Good luck. Topspin
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Oldfella: Whoops...Sorry...Make that
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You had me going there for a while, Topspin... I did read that blurb before, and have no idea how to dimension the thing - the cutting and such; what I wanted to know is how to dismantle the original assembly, take the springs out, etc. I'm hoping the rod doesn't need any adjustments, to begin with. Thanks.
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OK, here is the deal on the stainless steel guide rod. I took my pistol to my gunsmith nearby, he never worked on Kahrs before so I worked with him in trying to disassemble the original spring assembly. We found the original guide rod, the small part that slides inside the the metal tube (tow-part thing) was flimsy plastic - I couldn't believe my eyes, we had to break/crush that part in order to take it apart. Next came the re-assembly, a dog, I tell you. After we put it together we found that the front head was much too tight to go through the front hole, so we had to take it apart and do a number on it, take a tiny bit off, then the re-reassembly - it worked. Kahr needs to be whipped for not using the stainless steel guide assembly to begin with; I'm really peeved, but I'm glad I changed it. The info included with the steel rod says that the added weight provides better muzzle control, reduces recoil, and, unlike the flimsy plastic rod, it improves function since it does not flex. We'll see.
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Good work Oldfella: Let us hear your impressions after you run some rounds thru it. I was going to get a SS Guide Rod for my P9. I talked to one of the svc guys about it and he told me that in the P9, it would just be a cosmetic enhancement, because the guide rod in the P9 is steel, (And black, which really looks better with the Brushed SS finish on my P9.)
Old 05-13-2004, 10:02 AM   #7
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I think my new SS Guide Rod may be a bit long, sticks out about a 16th of an inch. On my last trip to the range (yesterday) I had my first failure to eject incident, the round got caught long-ways (horizontally) - I had to pull the slide back a bit and just shook it out; I don't know whether to blame it on the guide rod or on my grip... I may have limp-wristed a bit - I'm still within my first 100 round break-in period. Any ideas fellas?
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oldfella: I'm a tennis player, (3X P/Wk), thats where my Handle comes from. In Tennis, just like in pistol shooting, if you don't lock that wrist......Everything goes to Hell in a Handbag! Don't worry about it....We all do that once in a while.
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You might consider the Wolff recoil guide rod & spring combo. They offer a replacement recoil guide rod (CNC machined) that does not captivate the springs. Makes changing the springs much easier. I've ordered one for my MK9.
Old 05-15-2004, 06:42 AM   #10
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Oldfella, one procedure I have always followed with any new gun I always
shoot at least 500 rounds through it before making any changes, when I
purchase I will not strip them down to clean, I just clean the barrel, blow
rest of gun out with air, use lots of fp10 on slide or any moving parts and
fire away. The only gun I did do different with was a makarov and it was
so covered in cosmline I had to field strip it. My thought on this is I want
to know where the error is, with me or factory, quality control is so poor
at most plants now it's a gamble.

If you continue to have ftf I would suggest reinstall old guide rod and see what happens.

Extra note, I have been using FP10 for sometime now and it will make
any auto operate smoother, my Ruger mark 11 has never worked better
you can actually feel the difference in slide operation.(I do not own stock
in FP10).

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