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Advantages of a stainless steel guide rod

What is the advantage of having a stainless steel guide rod for my P9 instead of the plastic one it has now?drf
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Old 05-24-2004, 05:36 AM   #2
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I'd like to know, too.

Old 05-24-2004, 05:45 AM   #3
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My early production P9 came with a blued, steel guide rod, so I haven't seen the need to switch. When did they sart coming with plastic guide rods ?
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the guide rod in the MK series is hollow plastic - the stainless steel added weight improves nuzzle control; it reduces recoil; and the no-flex design improves function... that's what it says on the literature included with the SS guide rod. I changed mine (MK9) and is working fine.
Old 05-24-2004, 10:07 AM   #5
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I haven't changed mine and it is working fine.

Old 05-24-2004, 04:30 PM   #6
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I've been thinking of changing mine simply because I don't trust plastic. How hard was it to fit the steel rod and can a guy with limited mechanical ability do it without a problem?

Old 05-24-2004, 05:15 PM   #7
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We're talking about the MK9/40, right? (that's the one with two-piece spring-rod assembly). The length is OK, the head, that part which shows below the barrel, is a bit tight - it needs to be shaved a bit. all you need is a hand drill, at its very slow speed. you'll need a piece wire insulation sleeve the size of the head screw to ensure you don't damage the threads. Insert the threaded end of the rod head in the sleeve, hold the rod screw in the drill chuck just tight enough to prevent it from turning. Use a small file and gently touch the rod head until you remove about a 64th of an inch... stainless steel is soft. Assembly is a dog - the springs are strong - you may need a third hand to hold the spring down until you screw the head to the rod... you'll need to put a drop of high strength loctite when you're satisfied the spring assembly fits. You might have to get one of your friend with the needed tools to assist you. Good luck.
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Mine is the Mk9, duo-tone.

Thanks for the info,

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Wolff springs sells one that is "non-captive" don't know if it's steel, plastic,
however it does give option of different power springs, plus a striker spring.
Old 05-24-2004, 06:49 PM   #10
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I think the Wolff guide rod is steel. With that one you don't have to fool with the front head, it does not have one and you can change the springs easily - I like that set up.

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