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Old 12-27-2004, 04:51 PM   #1
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Just bought a T40!

Just bought a kahr T40 that the shop just got traded in with one box of ammo through it. The paperwork hadn't even been opened yet, so it looks like I will be the one sending in the Warranty card!

I've got 750 rounds of ammunition to give it a good through testing, and will hopefully make this my duty weapon if/when it proves reliable and I can find a holster and such.

Anyone have any comments or recommendations? How often should I worry about changing the recoil springs?

I'll keep you posted on how the shooting goes, but it will probably be next week before I can get out. :cry:
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Old 12-29-2004, 03:47 PM   #2
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Well I just took the Kahr T40 out to the local indoor range and ran 100 rounds through it. 50 CCI Blazer 180 gr. and 50 WWB 165 gr.

My initial impression is that this pistol is great! :lol: It is very accurate and shot perfectly to point of aim at ~15 yards, once I got the long trigger pull figured out. I supect that the original owner did only have about a box of shells through it as previously mentioned, as after the hundred today and the second cleaning, the pistol feels much more smooth/broken in.

I did have a couple of minor problems...
Once I had the pistol lock open when there were still ammunition in the magazine. I'm not sure what exactly caused this, but it was right at the beginning of the shooting and didn't show itself again. I suspect that I hit the slide stop with my thumb, and am so far writing that one off to user error, not a pistol malfunction. I will certainly keep and I on this and see if it happens again.

Second, the set screw in the Novak night sights backed itself most of the way out in about 85 rounds. The sight was in no way loose even with the set screw removed, so again this isn't anything that I am particularly worried about. A drop of lock-tite, and two seconds with the allen wrench and all seems to be in good shape. Again I'll keep and eye on it, but I suspect the lock-tite will do the trick on this minor problem.

I defintely need some more time behind the trigger before I make a final judgement, but so far I'm loving it. I have another 650 rounds here, and expect to be giving her another couple of hundred rounds this weekend.

This is my first real shooting with a .40 having previously been a 9mm or 1911 .45 guy. The second round on the double tap is still flying a little wild and I am defintely going to need to get in some trigger time to get some better accuracy on the second shot. First shot tends to be perfect with the second round striking up around the right shoulder when facing the target. It's still in the B27 "body" but I would like it to be much more centered before I will be really happy.

I'll report back after the next session...
Old 12-31-2004, 04:55 PM   #3
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I put another 400 rounds through it today and unfortuantely it looks like I will be getting to test out Kahr's customer service. With 4 diffferent types of ammunition the slide has a nasty habit of locking back when there is still ammunition in the magazine. I've heard from another fellow that this is not unusual, and is an easy fix which requires a little trimming on the slide stop. We shall see what Kahr says on Monday. :-?
Old 01-02-2005, 03:26 PM   #4
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the slide locking back with ammo in the mag happens to me also.
did your T40 come with the little allen wrench for the novak sight? mine did'nt and I was just wondering what size it is... I need to move mine slightly.
Old 01-02-2005, 05:52 PM   #5
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Mine didn't come with any allen wrenches, so I just tried the ones I had until one fit...sorry I could be of more help on that one.

I believe that the slide stop protrusion that is meant to engage the slidelock when the magazine is empty is actually hitting the tip of the bullets when the are in the magazine. I'll be calling Kahr tomorrow and see what they have to say about it. I think I can easily fix the problem myself, but want to give them a chance first. Seeing as it will be my duty gun, I would rather them fix it then take on the liability myself.
Old 01-05-2005, 11:33 AM   #6
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Called Kahr's customer service yesterday (1/4/2005) and left a message. Also sent them an e-mail yesterday morning and as of about 4pm on 1/5/2005 I still haven't heard from them. Is this normal?

I guess it may just be a backup from the holiday season.
Old 01-05-2005, 01:08 PM   #7
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Just a thought, but you might want to try really lubing the slide stop when you remove it from the frame. My K-9 was having the same problem, and a little Wilson's Ultimalube resolved it, although it could have been coincidental to more breaking in rounds.

As far Kahr customer service, try Dottie Herold directly: [email protected]
Old 01-05-2005, 03:19 PM   #8
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Thanks for the tip and Dottie's e-mail address. If I don't here from them before lunch tomorrow, I'll send her an e-mail.
Old 01-06-2005, 09:34 AM   #9
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Dottie responded today, 1/6/2005, right at lunch time with my authorization number. Gun should go out to her this afternoon.
Old 01-14-2005, 07:05 PM   #10
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The gun was back to me on 1/12/2005 with a new slide, new trigger, new slide stop, and the barrel hood and ramp polished. They also threw in a free magazine.

Can't say anything bad about the customer service except for the fact they can be a little difficult to get a hold of. I'm going to take it out tomorrow and if all goes well, you can be assured that another Kahr will soon be following me home. :wink:

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