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Kahr PM 9 Slide will not slide off the frame-why?

I picked up a brand new Kahr PM 9 on Friday, wiped it off carefully and took it to the range. It shot perfectly, no failures to fire or eject. I shot 70 rounds, perfect performance. Next day (Sat) put 100 rounds and again perfect performance. This gun is accurate too, by the way. Totally above my expectatons.

Then it time to remove the slide from the frame to access the barrel for cleaning. With the instructions for disassembly in front of me, I line up the witness marks and proceed to tap out the slide stop. No problem. Then I attempt to slowly run the slide forward and the slide moved about .5 inch and stopped. I can't move or remove the slide at all. Now the witness marks won't line up so I cant go backwards and put the slide stop in. Obviously, I'm going to have to call Kahr. But I was just wondering, what gives? Anybody have any insight?
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Pull the trigger! Then release the trigger as you slide the slide forward.

The problem you are having is due to the striker being rearward of the trigger cam, that is, until you release it forward of the cam by pulling the trigger. It'll make more sense when you have the slide off and see how the cams are situated. As long as the striker is behind the cam, you can't move the slide forward off the frame.
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I already did that. The slide still won't budge.
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Did you keep the trigger held back at the same time you are moving the slide forward? You need to keep the trigger pulled back (at first) while moving the slide forward. It should move farther than before, and then feel like its starting to hang again. When that happens, gently release the trigger a small amount (not full stroke) and continue to move the slide forward. You'll get a feel for it over time.
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I can't remember if I used that sequence or not. But that is probably the problem. Now, if I could just get the slide off the gun.
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Ok, here's the fix just in case this happens to someone else. Turn the gun over (upside down). This will set the striker. Then pull the trigger and ease the slide off the frame. Thank you Dottie of Kahr Arms for the her instructions. Very nice lady.
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Thumbs up You're a genius!

Thank you for finding the answer and then coming back to post it. I have been searching the internet for some time and finally stumbled on your post. Worked like a charm. I have a brand new CM9 and my fingers are really sore from struggling with this issue - thank you so much.

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