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polishing feed ramp

I am the proud new owner of a P9 and I am having a little trouble getting hollow points to feed when I pull the slide back slowly, I rack it quickly, else the first round gets stuck. I was thinking about taking out the Dremmel and polishing the ramp. Has anyone had any success doing this?
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You're loading your Kahr the WRONG WAY.

Kahr specifically recommends loading the Kahr by locking the slide back, inserting a loaded magazine, and pressing the slide stop.

The test for whether to polish the feed ramp is: How does the gun SHOOT.
If your Kahr is reliable after the 200 round break in period, there's no need to polish anything, and doing so risks making problems where none exist.

MANY guns will not feed properly if the slide is racked slowly, and the Kahr works best when the slide stop is used.
This is somewhat contrary to many guns, and many methods of reloading auto pistols, but the Kahr is "different".

Again, load your P9 the way the factory recommends.
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Still amazes me that SO MANY Kahr owners complain about their Kahr not feeding properly when they "rack the slide quickly", or "rack the slide carefully", etc. All I can figure out is they either can't read or don't bother!! Kahr guns feed perfectly if done the way Kahr says to do it. Lock the slide back, insert mag and press the slide lock down.
Can anyone tell me why that is SO difficult???? :roll:
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This gun does not load with either a soft rack of the slide or from a locked back position, only a "hard rack". I would not be posting here if other ways were working so if someone has some advice on this topic other than sarcasm it would be most welcome.
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If loading with the slide stop is failing to properly feed, AND YOU'VE GOT THE 200 BREAK IN ROUNDS THROUGH IT, you have several options:

FIRST, try a different brand of ammo. Some guns just don't "like" some ammo, and may work 100% with something else.
Some people get hung up on "I'm gonna use THIS ammo, or the gun is junk".

Second, if different ammo still gives problems, personally I'd send the gun back to Kahr. They built the gun, and they're the experts.
You paid for a reliable gun, they should make it so on their dime.

If you just can't bring yourself to do this, you can polish the feed ramp.
The idea here is "smooth", NOT "like a mirror".
People misunderstand us when we say "polish" and they hear "polish until it shines like a mirror".
The idea is to de-burr the feed ramp to smooth over any machine marks that might cause the bullet nose to catch.

Polishing until the ramp is like a mirror risks removing metal or changing the angles and this may cause MORE stoppages.
Just polish enough to break any sharpness or roughness. When the ramp is smooth...STOP.

Also, see the above again about different ammo. Some hollow point defense ammo tends to catch on even fairly smooth feed ramps.
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Re: polishing feed ramp

Mine was polished from the factory
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Re: polishing feed ramp

It's kind of a waste of bandwidth when people are not operating the firearm according to very clear recommendations on page 12 of the Manual. GGGeeesssssshhhhh.... follow the manual, PLEASE??? :roll: :wink:
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Re: polishing feed ramp

After spending some time with my CW9 using the slide realese for the slide ,it works perfact.Pulling the slide back works but it almost hangs up.With a rounds in the mag the slide realese is not hard at all.IMy Kahr is very very accurate,Its my favorate gun to shoot.
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Re: polishing feed ramp

There is a polishing compound called "Flitz" that is very effective at quckly polishing feed ramps, even just on a Q-tip. It is sold in most gun stores.

But, yes, release from a locked-back position and make sure to hold your wrist SOLID. Don't let your wrist jump forward when releasing the slide release. In fact, you CAN "slingshot" the slide and it will feed reliably IF you hold your wrist absolutely solid.
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Re: polishing feed ramp

I wanted to share my Flitz experience. Bought two tubes so it did not get used quickly. Flitz can separate and trying to stir it back into a useful form did not work. I was aggrivated that when I needed it, both tubes went into the garbage. I believe I ordered mine. If you use it regularly all will be OK. I have since been using MAAS, "A fine polishing creme for all metals" which has been great for firearm polishing.

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