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Recoil spring replacement

How often do you replace the recoil springs in your Kahr? I think I just put in # 6 on my kahr with 12-15K rounds through it.
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I don't know what Kahr recommends,. but in my early stainless K9 owner's manual it calls for replacement at 2000 rounds.

Some of the MK and PM guns need new springs around 1500 rounds or even less in some cases.

Bottom line. When in doubt, replace the spring. Springs are a LOT cheaper than slides and frames.
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True I buy springs a few at a time from wolf and my Kahrs have lasted many years and many thousands of rounds. In spite of all the advice on this and other forums I run my Kahrs with dry lube and they run great!
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Re: Recoil spring replacement

What type of "dry lube"?
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Re: Recoil spring replacement

There are several "dry lubes".
One of the better ones is called "Dryslide". This is a moly lube in a liquid carrier. Once applied, the solvent carrier evaporates leaving a thin coating of black moly on the parts. You have to really shake the can to mix the solvent with the moly, and keep it shook during use.

However, most people try a dry lube and go back to a liquid. Dry lubes just don't seem to work well in firearms applications, and no manufacturer uses or recommends a dry lube.
The Kahr pistols in particular "like" to be run a little wetter with lube than most guns and dry lubes usually don't work well with them.

Some people use a good grease to prevent the lube from drying out, wicking out, slinging off, or evaporating.
For many customers revolvers and defense guns I used Super Lube.
This is a clear/white synthetic Teflon lube that's a sort of "thin grease/thick oil" substance that stays put and keeps working.
As an experiment, I had my Kahr K9 lubed with Super Lube for over two years without a detail clean, and it was still in there working.
I still use it in my personal revolvers and my Kahr.

The best "deal" is to buy a 4 ounce bottle direct from Synco.
They also sell it in small needle oilers, but I just use hypodermic syringes with the sharp point stoned off.
They also make a real grease which I used on hammer and trigger interfaces and other high stress points.

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