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Peening on cw9 guide rod?

I bought a used CW9. I polished the guide rod before I went to the range. At the end of shooting I found this peening/chattering on the guide rod. What could be causing this? Is this normal? Found no signs of wear on the slide. Firearm functioned flawlessly otherwise and was very accurate. Thanks for any help.

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Looks pretty normal.

That's usually the kind of normal marks left on guide rod guns by the recoil spring.
The recoil spring does flex under recoil and that causes these marks.
That's also one reason why these Micro-guns are so hard on recoil springs, and why the spring should be replaced every 1500 to 2000 rounds.
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I fixed it by taking the used CW9 back and buying a brand new one.
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I think that looks perfectly normal, its not peening.
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Mine does the same thing your new one will do the same. As far as I can tell it's not a problem.
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Anyone have the stainless steel one? Does it do it too?
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Re: Peening on cw9 guide rod?

**I am stealing this from a post I put on about broken followers, but thought it would help with this thread as well and my guide rod has much more wear than the picture of yours and has not caused any issues with the gun.**

This is my first post to this Forum, but I did a lot of reading here before I bought my Kahr P9 this last April. I wanted to let you all know I just had a follower break in one of my 7rnd mags in the same method that is described in this post. I have 2-7rnd and 1-8rnd mags and I have about 800 rnd through my gun. I just got off the phone (as several of you had mentioned is the best route) with a service tech and he immediately offered to replace the follower free of charge, even before I finished explaining the problem. I would bet this is not an unheard of problem and it has been encountered before.

On a second note, I noticed what I would consider excessive wear on the guide rod (presumably from the recoil spring). When I mentioned this to the service technician he said he would throw that in as well.

So all in all it was a very good experience, even though I would have liked to not have the problems in the first place.

Best of luck to anyone else with this problem and thank you to everyone who had posted here to help me make my decision to buy a Kahr.
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Re: Peening on cw9 guide rod?

I am going to make one out of titanium or SS.Mine looks worse than yours

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