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Slide Not locking open and Magazine issues?


I emailed this to Kahr, but I thought I'd see what you guys think based on your experiences with Kahr PM9's.

I have about 300 rounds through my PM9. It is serial number VD45XX, so it is a fairly recently manufactured gun.

If it makes a difference, I carry it in a pocket holster in my front left pocket.

After about Round 200, I noticed that the gun stopped locking back on an empty magazine. It also then became hard to remove the magazine. AFTER I clean the gun, it works great, until I shoot it again. Both magazines do it, but the 7 rounder is easier to remove since it has the floorplate to grab. Also, the plastic around the metal ball detent on the mag seems less worn on that magazine.

Again, I emailed Kahr Technical support about this issue, but wanted to see if any of you have experienced it?
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Kahr PM40 - Short Magazine issues

Just bought a PM40 with night sites. Filled magazine, released slide to battery, and no round was chambered. I tried it again, and it worked, but when I removed the mag and opened the action, I couldn't move the slide far enough rearward to eject the unspent round. Called Kahr, they were nice and connected me with their gunsmith who said to open the action with the mag out and push the round down, causing it to drop out of the magazine well. It worked. He told me to put 200 round through it for break-in, so I went to the range today and fired 170 rounds (ran out of cash).
The pistol shoots great! Amazing groups, espeically for such a small gun, and the recoil was nothing a moderately experienced shooter would object to. My problems were mostly with the smaller magazine which would partially eject on the last shot without chambering the last shot.(see range record below) The larger magazine worked VERY well and was quite a bit more comfortable to shoot with the extra finger on the grip. I am astonished by this pistol's accuracy: Several 1" 3-shot groups at 8 yards, and several 4" groups at 15 yards. All shots were easy to keep in 6" at 15 yards, and all 170 shots were kept in the vitals and head on the target.
For these 170 shots: 7 FTF - all with short magazine; 5 Failure to return to battery - 3 short magazine, 2 long magazine; and, short magazine ejected 5 times on last shot, causing FTF.
I used Rem UMC 180gr FMJ, Win 180 gr JHP, Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ (most jams here), and Federal Hydra-Shok 165 and 135 (no jams at all).
If after breaking in and some talks with Kahr, this gun starts to run reliably with both mags, I'll carry it enthusiastically for how well it shoots and it's amazing concealment. Until it shoots 100 shots with no failures in both mags, I'm sticking with my well-used Kimber Compact CDP.
I'm going to call Kahr and see what they recommend.
Note: My dad owns a PM40 from 2004, and the slide was locking after each shot last week. Kahr is sending slide stop springs free of charge.
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Re: Slide Not locking open and Magazine issues?

My 3-month old PM-9 had or has similiar issues. Because of the recommended break-in period, my first time out I shot 350+ rounds and had several FTF's, FTE's and both of my 6-round magazines quickly would not hold the slide open when empty even though both 7-round magazines worked fine. Now I know that +350 rounds is a heck of allot of powder and residue building up in such a small, tight toleranced gun. I called Kahr and they immediatley sent me two new 6-round magazines and said it might need more break-in. I went out again and shot 150+ rounds and had 2 FTF's and very soon the new 6-round mags again failed to hold the slide open when empty but again the 7-roung mags worked fine. I again contacted Kahr and this time spoke to the Manager (Stephan) who's a nice guy and seemed truly concerned with my issues. After explaining the issues he wanted me to send the pistol and magazines in and they paid the shipping both ways. They replaced the magazine followers and I got the pistol back Tuesday and will give it another go on Saturday. Their Customer Service is very commendable but you must be "politely persistent" with them. I really like this gun and want to like it even more than my Glock 23 which of course is ultra-dependable but I'm a perfectionist and it goes without saying that a personal defense gun MUST be reliable 100% of the time. I've really been happy with my G-23 but living in South Florida and having 8-month long summers it's difficult to regularly and comfortably conceal it with summer wear. I use and really like my Smart Carry for both guns but the PM-9 really slips in there nicely and the Kahr goes well with pocket carry and IWB too. I'm very fond of the Kahr and really want it to be my standard CCW except for when I'm going to "risky" places or on the rare occassion when the weather is cool and I can comfortably carry the G-23.
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Re: Slide Not locking open and Magazine issues?

Went out shooting this morning. The magazines all worked fine. I shot 126 rounds of standard Remington 9MM JHP. I had one FTB (fail to go to battery) at about 50 rounds. I pushed on the slide and it fired. I had 5 magazines loaded and would "wham-bam thank you maam" shoot them one after another which might be getting the little PM-9 too hot, I don't know. So I slowed down and too a little break after each magazine. No more FTB's. Then after 100 rounds I had two FTF's. So far I've shot over 500 rounds and I think I should be getting better reliability. I'll call Kahr Monday and see what they say. Don't know if anyone is reading my posts, if so, any thoughts?
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Re: Slide Not locking open and Magazine issues?

I will give you a pretty general answer then maybe you can supply some details. If the slide is not locking open then there is either some misalignment between the mag and the slide stop or the mag is not seating deep enough. Also make sure that the follower is pushing up deep enough to trip the slide stop. It requires some eyeballing the gun when it does not lock open to see if the magazine is too low, if the slide stop is hanging up on some part of the slide or frame that would not allow it to move freely up and down. Does the slide stop slide up into the notch on the slide freely? Does the slide stop rotate in the frame freely? Is there a misalignment between the slide stop and the notch in the slide? Can you put the slide stop on the frame only and does it rotate freely in the pin holes? Is the pin to large? Are the slide stop holes perfectly aligned so that it can rotate freely? Can you put the slide stop pin into the hole from the opposite side and still have it rotate freely? Is is sticky or binding when installed in the frame with no slide on? Can you put an empty mag into the gun with the slide off and see the slide stop move freely into position and then have it "stick" when the slide stop is on? Can you push up on the slide stop a little when firing the gun and have it move freely into the slot in the slide if you apply a little thumb pressure with your off hand when firing? Is the mag follower consistently pushing up to the top of the mag with enough pressure to activate the slide stop? Are the mag springs too weak? Even if they are new they could be weak. Have you cleaned the mags internally and checked to make sure that the follower is not getting to the top of the mag because of some mag contamination or burrs or snags in the mag tube? Are the springs smooth on the outer surface so they will not hang in the tube? I have had to polish the internal surface of mag tubes and the outer spring surfaces on a very rare occasion but if there is ANY corrosion or contamination on the springs or the tube walls they will stick. Are you sure that the notch or window in the mag follower is cut in such a way as to make sure the slide stop is getting pushed up all the way? Can you apply pressure to the bottom floor plate when firing the gun and have the slide stop work ok?

That should keep you busy.

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Re: Slide Not locking open and Magazine issues?

Thanks much for your reply. All the mags work fine now since I got the pistol back from Kahr last week and I'm grateful I don't have to go through all your suggestions. I still have occasional FTF's and had one FTB on Saturday. I called Kahr today and they said I can send the gun in again (at their expense) if I wanted to. I very politely said I sure do and told them how I want to replace my G-23 with the PM-9 for everyday carry but need to have he reliability factor improve to 100%. I'll get the gun in the mail tomorrow and hopefully have it back in a week or so and then back to the range again. I'll keep you posetd like a stamp.
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Re: Slide Not locking open and Magazine issues?

Glad to be of service. The good thing and the most important thing is that your firearm be reliable. I have a standing rule or policy that if someone in LEO service or military or public protection capacity in any way shape or form needs a reliable firearm on duty or off duty and does not have the means to get it running, either someone or company that can't/won't fix it or a local smith or armorer, then all they have to do is pay for the shipping and I will fit it for free. Or if they can pay a small amount then all I ask is that they pay for the shipping and parts. Unwritten house policy but I guess now it is public.
The reason that I made such a lengthy post was to help you out if possible but to also share some information that may be useful to others for troubleshooting.

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Kahr Service

Kahr's policy and their response has been "we don't cover the cost to ship a defective firearm back". I recently bought a new PM9 and experienced many issue with it. The slide stop doesn't stay back, problems feeding ammo, the recoil spring assembly came apart after the first time I shot it. Kahr Arms service department was not helpful, wouldn't discuss the issues and refused to pay to ship the gun back to them. I've bought many guns over the past 30+ years with no issues but I would never recommend Kahr Arms to anyone.
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You mighty take a look at the last post dates on this forum.
The last post for this one was in 2008.

This forum went out of business for a few years then was bought and brought back.
For that reason a lot of posts are very old.
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I've been doing some research on the CM9 follower issues recently and in nearly all cases I've read Kahr still has pretty darn good customer service, and is paying for shipping both ways.

This reply is for the recent poster, not the ones from back in 2008

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