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CW9 - Experienced a problem with right out of the box

I wanted to share my experience with my new Kahr CW9 pistol. I am interested in others who may have experienced this problem and the Kahr service in general. I called Kahr Customer Service and spoke to Sean D. who provided me with RMA number. I asked Kahr to pay for the shipping each way, but they would not.

I purchased my first CW9 new in May08, SN YD8xxx. I have been very pleased with this pistol, so much that I purchased my second CW9 new in Aug08, SN YE1xxx. This is the one I have experienced a problem with right out of the box and I am disappointed about it.

I have exercised the pistol past the Kahr recommended minimum of 200 rounds. I have taken the pistol out 3x, firing 100 rounds each time and cleaning it before I used it and after each 100 rounds fired for a total of 300 rounds fired. I have used factory ammunition, Remington HP and Winchester FMJ and have used 2 factory Kahr magazines. The issue I have experienced happens with each magazine and ammunition combination.

I am experiencing a problem with the trigger. For the 1st 100 rounds about 1 in 10 shots the trigger pulls with no resistance and the striker does not move forward to contact the cartridge primer. The 2nd 100 rounds it was about 1 in 6 shots and now it is every shot.

When I went to pull the trigger, the trigger goes all the way rearward without resistance (except for the normal trigger spring tension). I released the trigger all the way forward again and tried again and again it went all the way rearward without engaging the striker. I checked to see if it had chambered a new round, which it had. I dropped the magazine and removed the fresh round from the chamber and inspected the gun which all appeared normal. I pulled the trigger and it continued to go all the way rearward without engaging the striker. Sometimes I feel a very slight 'catch and then release' where it would normally engage the striker and fire. If I move the slide forward slightly and back to rest the trigger was resetting for the 1st 200 rounds. Now to reset the trigger I have to retract the slide slightly and release back to its rest position.

I have visually inspected the pistol each time I have cleaned it, but I do not see anything abnormal. I am able to get it to work properly again by exercising the trigger through its normal range of motio n, sometimes a few times.
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Re: CW9 - Experienced a problem with right out of the box

Obviously a factory defect.

Kahr will fix it for you for free.
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Re: CW9 - Experienced a problem with right out of the box

I love my new Kahr CW 9 it shoots great.I did have a slight problem,there was a small burr left on the slide that put a slight groove in the metal insert on the top of the frame.I removed the burr and the gun is still tight and should be ok.I use an eye loop to do the burr removale because the burr was very small.

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