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Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

This is my second post to this forum.
My first post was about a defective barrel on my new PM 45 which was quickly reolved by Kahr.
The first trip to the range was to break in the pistol with 200 rounds as the factory recomends. I brought 185gr. and 230 gr. ammo of two different manufacturers plus some light 200gr. handload semi wadcutters.
Starting with the 185's I shot 4 magazines which went well. Then, Murphy's Law kicked in - everything that could happen did happen. Failures to chamber, slide not closing, stove pipes, staying open with magazine not empty, etc., etc. I tried different ammo with no effect.
Then, things became even more interesting - she became essentially a single shot pistol. After the first round fired, the following round would chamber normally but it didn't fire, as if the striker was not in a cocked position. So time and time again - drop the magazine and eject the round in the chamber and lock the slide back, then reinsert the magazine and close the slide using the release. She continued to work only in this single shot mode.
But I didn't give up, even though I was drawing blood from racking the slide and filling the magazine. I was a glutton for punishment and continued shooting this way, determined to have 200 rounds through her, expecting some miraacle to happen. And apparently it did. After about 190 rounds she began to fire normally and continued to do so. I quit shooting after I ran out of ammo at about 210 rounds. She refused to work with my handloads which were not strong enough to work the slide.
What surprised me was that recoil was not a problem, the only discomfort felt was from the protruding grip dimples, and that was not a big deal. The shot groups were not bad considering that I was not used to this type of double action trigger.
In conclusion, If the problems do clear up after the break in I will be happy with her as she fits my hand well and is not tiring to shoot. I will wait and see - but I will expect her to always go bang when I want her to. I don't need an expensive paperweight.
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Re: Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

I had the same discomfort problem with the grip pimples on my CW9 and PM9. The ones on teh front on the grip were the worse so I sanded them off with my Dremel. I noticed that both pistols wanted to twist so I placed skateboard tape in that area. No more twisting.
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Re: Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

Second Range Report-
Last time out, after enduring a variety of malfunctions with my PM 45, at over 200 rounds of break in it fired OK for about 20 rounds. At that point I stopped, asuming all was well. as stated in my last post.
I spoke too soon - today, back at the range - first shot, ejected and new round fed in but no striker hit. Pulled on slide, it was not possible to move more than 1/4 inch - so I had a live round in the chamber and I couldn't fire it nor eject it. I Could not position the slide far enough back to be able to dissasemble it. I went home.
Then I decided to try something. While pulling the slide back I pushed on the live round inside the barrel with a rod and the slide came back as I pushed and came back all the way so I was able to eject the round.
It was too late to try to call Kahr.
Do I have a lemon or is everyone having these problems with the PM 45? Any ideas out there?
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Re: Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

What a mess. Send it to them and try again is all I would do. Try to get them to pay both ways. It would take MANY trouble free rounds to ever trust it again. I keep flirting with the idea of a Pm-45, but stories like yours ( you are not alone ) scare me away from one. Best of luck.
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Re: Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

After trying to contact KAI service without much luck, I had a name, Frank Harris there, who took care of me before, when it originally came with a defective barrel. He now authorized the return of the pistol after I explained what was happening. Since I am leaving town for some time, we agreed that we could get my local gunsmith to take care of the matter - communication, shipping, etc.
When I took the pistol to my gunsmith, he tested it and found the same malfunction. He checked the extractor and found nothing wrong. From his experience, he said the problem probably is the recoil spring, as in small pistols it has to be very stiff and in this case, too stiff. This does not allow the action to cycle properly. I realize that there could be some variation in spring tension and spring length due to manufacturing tollerances, so if this proves to be true and we know the reason for it not workingit, I will be happy with it. It fits my hand well and I can get good groupings with it. I epect that Kahr will take care of it promptly as they did before with the barrel problem. I will wait and see how this is resolved before passing judgement. I will definitely put many rounds through it before I trust it.
To have something to take on my trip, I bought a Springfield Xd subcompact, .40 cal. It worked flawlessly, and was accurate, with not a single malfunction in the 250 rounds I put through it.
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Re: Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

I have had my PM45 for almost a year now. I have fired around 400 rounds through it and it has performed perfectly. No malfunctions. My only complaint is it hits low and to the left. I have been told I am not gripping it hard enough. I am really impressed that the recoil is not what I expected it to be. It is really not that much different that my series 70 goverment model.

I am surprized to hear you are having so many problems
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Re: Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

I have a Kahr PM9 which I carry daily and has performed well. I just picked up my PM45 last Friday and had took it to the range on Tuesday. I had problems with it jamming up almost every clip. At the end of my practice session, it would not extract the shells. I was pretty frustrated. When I got home, I took it apart to clean it and found out that the extractor had come off! I sent it back to Kahr for repair.

When it did fire, it was very comfortable shooting 230 gr FMJ and JHP. It doesn't kick much different than the PM9. Don't expect it to recoil like a Beretta 92 because that isn't what it is. You are shooting 45 caliber shells though a 20 ounce pistol. It kicks, but not uncomfortably. Occasionally it does fire casings back at my face but I have heard that that disappears after the break-in period. It fits great in my hand and carries well. They did such a good job on the PM 9 ... I hope that they can get the PM45 to work better. This seems like a lot of work to go through for a pistol but the KAHR PM45 is the smallest 45 that I have found. It is light, thin, and it can truly fit in your pocket and yet provide 45 firepower! Don't misunderstand me..if I can't get this firearm to reliable fire 200-300 rounds without jamming then I will sell it, with disclosure. But because it has so many other good qualities for concealed carry, that no one else has, I am willing to be patient and let Kahr work on it. Until then, my PM9 will happily be my daily concealed carry piece.
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Re: Kahr PM 45 Range Reort - New Member

I made the mistake of buying a Kahr PM 45. After over 500 rounds of ammo from Cor Bon, Federal, Winchester and Speer (most of which was "premium" ammo) it malfunctions at least once with each magazine (usually more). It fails to feed, fails to extract, fails to eject, and stovepipes. The extractor destroys brass and judging by the firing pin marks in the primers; it is coming out of battery too soon. I filled out the form on the Kahr website mentioning that I am a Police Officer and planned to carry it as a backup and off duty. After three appempts, I still have no reply from them. I called Kahr and left voice mail and still no response. I have spoken to other Kahr owners that have had the same experience.
I don't care how much they fix this thing, I would never have the confidence in it to protect my life.
As A firearms instructor for a 5000 member force, I will strongly recommend officers avoid all Kahr products.


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