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shot some more

I ran another 128 rounds through K9 for a total of 178 so far through my pistol getting closer to the 200 break-in.
Pistol has been super. Only problem was whenI got home from gun club and pulled ou kahr from range bag and holster front sight was way to the right in the dove-tail. I could move it right and left with little finger pressure. I drove it out of slide with poly-punch and brass hammer and pinned edges of front-sight with steel pounch and brass hammer. Placed it back in dovetail much better fit and not moving around like it was. I love this pistol very much. The K40 I had was hard to beat as well. Just strange the way sight moved on me I didn't bump it that I am aware of. Pistol tore center or target out at 7 to 15 yds. Back to the range to chek out sight tommrow.
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Re: shot some more

The loose sight is definitely an anomaly.

In the early days, Kahr had a problem with loose sights. Some customers opened the box and found the sight actually fallen out in the box.
They fixed that problem....AND HOW.
They now use a giant machine vise-like press to press sights in so tight, some gunsmiths have had to actually cut sights out when changing them.
Kahr's routinely either break standard sight presses, or simply refuse to move.

For this reason, if an owner wants to change sights, it's recommended to send it in to Kahr so they can use their Godzilla machine to do the change.
It's very unusual these days to see a loose Kahr sight.
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Re: shot some more

Thanks for the info on kahr and their sights. I finally got sight problem fixed with the help of a friend who is a machinest ,gun-smith.He took out the front-sight and peened both front and back part of front sight piece. Dosen't move around now like it did.Pistol is still shooting good groups as well. Gun functions super as well been firing some ammo through it I do know that. Funny I even took out my Bondarms derringer with 4.25" 45/410 barrel out shot some and shot it for the 1st time today with 000 buck 3" 410 it will rock your world . 2and 1/2's in 000buck and 2-1/2 deer slugs shot great as well as regular shootshells. Be a great snake gun for fishing trips, or pack around the woods. The rem deer slugs shot deadnut on right in the boiler room of target.
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Re: shot some more

According to a relative, I don't think I want to shoot the Bond snake gun. He says it stings.

Careful with the lighter shot. His son fired some 7 1/2??? shot and some of it bounced off the plywood target stand and peppered him. No penetration, but he wasn't wearing glasses.

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