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Prfoblem w/New P9

Took my brand new P9 to the range yesterday. I had just picked it up Wednesday and I was anxious to start breaking it in. Field stripped, cleaned and lubricated it well. First 100 rounds were Blazer Brass 115 gr FMJ. Gun was very stiff; couldn't use slide stop to release slide for 5 or 6 magazines, had a few stovepipes, and occasionally the pistol didn't go fully into battery, but chalked it up to break-in. I put a drop on each of the slide's rail cuts after each 50 rounds, then moved to WWB 115 gr FMJ as pistol began to loosen up. At round 181, the trigger wouldn't cock and fire. Repeatedly racking the slide made no difference. Took the pistol home to field strip and inspect it, but can't get the slide off because (I think) I can't pull the trigger. So I've e-mailed Kahr for a return authorization number and I'll let them figure it out.

I'm obviously disappointed at having a few pistol completely disabled by this malfunction, but I'll have to wait for Kahr to scope it out.
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Sorry to hear that...I was kind of hoping they had worked out all the bugs with their polymer pistols. I had a P9 years ago that made several trips back to Kahr before I simply had them swap it for one of their steel models. Only weapon i have EVER had any substantive issues with. The good news is that their customer service was excellent

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