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P9 and Dumb Me

I was going to carry my Kahr P9 tomorrow, and decided to lube it. I disassembled it and lubed it.
When I lube my 1911s I often, before I replace the barrel and recoil spring assy, place the slide on the frame and run it back and forth a few times to get the lube distributed.
For whatever reason, I decided to do the same with my Kahr. It went on fine, but the slide won't come off now. It appears that the striker is preventing the slide from being removed forward.

I think that it can be removed even though the slide is still on the gun. I have a Detailed Strip guide, and if I get the Slide Back off it will come out, and I should be able to remove the slide from the frame.

I guess it will be the G26 tomorrow. It could be worse.

Any comments or advice?
Even a comment that I am dumb will be acceptable. ops:
Thanks for any help.

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Re: P9 and Dumb Me

No problem.

Just pull the slide forward until it stops, then continue pulling gently while you pull the trigger.
The sear will rotate under the firing pin and allow the slide to move forward and off.
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Re: P9 and Dumb Me

Hi dfariswheel,

After I posted that it did not work, I went back and when I got the striker cocked and gently pushed the slide forward until it stopped and pulled the trigger it "snapped" and the slide came off. For my earlier tries the striker was not cocked.

Many many thanks. Now I can carry it tomorrow at church.

I appreciate the help.

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Re: P9 and Dumb Me

On a side note, may I ask where you got the detail strip guide? I also have a P9, and wouldn't mind having a copy on hand.
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Re: P9 and Dumb Me

Hi partricle,

I got it off the Kahr club on Glock Talk.

If you have any trouble I will email it to you as an attachment.


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