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Elite trigger installation - DIY ???

OK - thanks dfarriswheel for explanation on prior post.

I have another question if you can help.

I can physically see the differences in the triggers on PM9 and my MK9 (which is a GC09XX). I read somewhere about the differences in the standard vs elite triggers being a change in only 3 parts :

1) elite trigger
2) elite trigger spring
3) elite trigger spacer

Does this sound correct ?

and more importantly do you think this is this a DIY project for an "inexperienced but capable" person ?

It does not look very difficult unless I am not seeing something. I am wondering if the pin is difficult to remove or if any parts "spring" away upon removal ! I am thinking about ordering the parts and an extra pin (in case I bang the original up) and trying it at home. Can the pin be punched with a brass tap and hammer or will it require a press ?

Don't want to sound cheap but I hate to spend $$$ on something I feel like I should be able to do. Thoughts ???
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Re: Elite trigger installation - DIY ???

"is this a DIY project for an "inexperienced but capable" person ?"

I wouldn't recommend it.
The Kahr trigger assembly comes apart rather easily (don't they all?) but getting it back in can be a real bear.

The trigger assembly is composed of the trigger, spring, a small bushing with a half-round shape, and the trigger bar.
The fun starts when you're trying to get the trigger, spring, and the bushing in place WHILE keeping the trigger bar in position at both the front and the rear, AND keep the half-round bushing rotated to the right orientation.
Easy it isn't and the wife, kids, and neighbors down the street will likely hear some words they may not have heard before.

Unless you're VERY capable and experienced with pistolsmithing, I recommend letting Kahr do it.
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Re: Elite trigger installation - DIY ???

Thanks - Methinks you are probably correct and I will heed your advice. I think I'll ship it to C&S for their #1 package and ask them to upgrade it to the Elite trigger because if I am going to have to pay for shipping (again !) I might as well have a couple of other things done. It is hard for me to believe that such a small change in length of pull makes such a big difference but I just shot 50 rounds in both guns just a few minutes ago and the difference is simply amazing. I know WHAT I am doing wrong but I don't want to "learn" how to shoot a different gun. I am trying to simplify my handguns as I am a firm believer that in a stress situation pointing and shooting should be as natural as possible and that comes by consistency. The PM9 trigger just "feels" right and has since the first round !

Thanks for your tips - I have read several of your responses thru different threads and you seem to be quite familiar with the Kahrs and compared against what I have read on other sites you are spot-on everytime !
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Re: Elite trigger installation - DIY ???

Anyone know when the "elite Trigger" started on the PM9?
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Re: Elite trigger installation - DIY ???

Polymer Kahrs have always had the Elite Trigger since the beginning. At the time the Polymer Kahrs were introduced, Kahr decided to install the Elite Trigger in all Kahrs, Steel and Polymer frame. This continued until mid 2005 when Kahr introduced the K9 with the NYCPD trigger.

FYI. The NYCPD Trigger is the old none Elite Trigger. The difference between the NYCPD (non-Elite) trigger and the Elite Trigger is length of Travel. The NYCPD Trigger has a length of travel of 1/2", the Elite has a length of 3/8".

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