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Kahr CW9, CM9 and K9 issues. All have fired ball ammo and hollow points with no issues.

We shoot the CM9 real well even with the pinky off the grip but the heavier metal framed stainless K9 shoots the best and is one the the firearms I like to carry. Also never an issue with any mags from any one of the 3 Kahr's. We just use the standard mags that came with each pistol. The newest one is the K9 which was Mfg about 1 1/2 years ago.
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Kahr magazine drop

Read with interest you'r lengthy post about Kahrs from I believe 2011 you must own stock in the company (just kidding) for the way you defended them. Now for the real reason I am on here I was looking for info on Kahr mag drops because mine suddenly began coming out well after the break in 300 Plus rounds. Although I have not been able to go shoot recently after a good cleaning I am sure someone has had similar problems that are real not that mine are not I have 3 factory mags. original 6 rd and 2, 7's I shoot a CW45
It is a fine firearm I love it but that love can wear thin. Just hoping to gain some insight on the problem. I did get a photo of it during a photo shoot but it's from the right side and dose not show my grip but it was the last round as I recall I can see the mag. under my hand.
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The "usual" with the polymer frames with mag drops is a weak or worn mag catch spring, or possibly a worn mag catch.

Email Kahr for advice.
Either they'll send new parts or have you send it in for repair.
They should pay shipping if its in warranty.
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The kahr magazines arent that great for the cw9 they dont like to feed the 1st round amd sometimes the second but it clearly states run 200 rds through it . But besides that you can clearly see what the problem with the magazine is the back of the round sits up and the front sits down. Wellafter coming to that conclusion i grabbed some needle nose pliers bent the back of magazine down a little and bent the front up a little and boom 1000 rds fired no problem come on guys this is a easy fix for the magazine
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Magazine Problem

I have a P380 and it has always had a problem loading a round from a full magazine. I have carefully looked at this problem and it is obvious that it is caused by a steep feed ramp and a magazine that allows the round to tilt down as it's fed. After some mods to the follower I can get reliable feeding. Less spring force also helps. I plan to 3D print a new follower. Until then, this is not a gun I feel comfortable with carrying for self defense.

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