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Question kahr factory sights

so this is the first hand gun I have ever purchased with what I will call an i sight. I don't know what to call the standard factory sights that come witg kahr hand guns.

I am traditionally used to shooting guns with the standard 3 dot sight system. However my neighbor says that the sights on the kahr are actually better than a 3 dot typically sights. Because it allows you to to focus faster and better accuracy than a 3 dot system is this true?

Second question. Will the night sights make the gun "less accurate" at shots further than 20 feet away for most shooters?

What is the true benifit of night sights if any for day time shooting and its cons?

Slightly limited in options as well have the old sight mount design.

I do love the way this gun feels in my hand and also the way it feels while shooting.. I will never get rid of it.
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The Kahr dot and bar sights used to be called the "Von Stavenhagen" type sight.

For me they work as well as the three dot, and possibly even better since it's not possible to get the three dots misaligned with the front dot to the left or right of the rear dots and shoot WAY off.
Plus, the bar is larger then rear sight dots and more visible.

It comes down to personal preference. I like both types, but since the Kahr has the dot and bar, that's what I use. I just don't see any real personal benefit to going to the trouble and expense of changing them.

A well made night sight should be AS accurate as a well made standard three dot or dot-bar. Where things go bad is when the manufacturer fails to get the dots perfectly positioned.
If the front or rear dots or bar are misplaced, the gun will shoot to one point of impact when the iron sights are used, and to another when the dots are aligned.
For this you just have to buy good sights and thoroughly check them out before installing them.

You can do this by using some temporary glue to glue the sights on a steel ruler.
Lay the ruler on a table and sight at a target placed 15 to 20 feet away.
Align the iron sights on target, then check to see if the dots are also centered. If they're high or low, the dots are misplaced.

There is no benefit to using night sights in the day light since they don't glow bright enough on a typical day to be of any use.
The only down side is if the dots or bar are small then painted type sights dots or bar.
If the night sights are smaller, they won't show up as well as larger painted types.
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Handgunnut, I already mentioned this another thread (oops) but check Kahr's website. They have several sight options available, now even for the CW series.
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Thank you dfariuswheel. At least now i know what the sights are called. I will give an update after i have some more range time. Went to the range today only to find out they are remodeling the range. I mean updating it.. I honestly think i was holding the gun wrong and attempting to sight it wrong. The next visit to the range will tell.. crosses fingers... if i align the sight so i see a distinctive i and a slight gap between the front sight and rear will do the trick.

Brian D. It is actually a kahr k9 with an unusual configuration. Nickel slide mirror finish and the frame has a black finish that is polished appears factory. Also gold accents such as gold plated trigger, slide stop, ejector, etc. I like it and cant find another like it.. unfortunately. Kahr doesnt have any finish records on file for mine. All they can tell me is when it was made and that its a k9..
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the bar dot sights on my pm45 are the first sights i have every shot wiyh in that configuration. after 1 range trip i liked those sights,very fast on target and accurate

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