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Kahr customer service - very good experience

A few weeks ago I had to send my P-40 Covert back to Kahr for a few problems. The trigger pin would come lose and the slide would not go back into battery about half the time.

I called Kahr and spoke with Javiere, discussed the problem and ended up shipping it to them. Just over two weeks later I got it back. They had fixed the trigger pin issue and a trip to the range saw 200 rounds with not a single malfunction!

The ammo was S&B, CCI Blazer 180gr and a small amount of Federal HydraShok.

I had seen some posts reporting problems with customer service, so I thought I would post my pleasant experience. of course, I would have preferred not to have had to send it back, but since I did have to it was nice to get the problems fixed quickly.
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I recently bought the Kahr P40 NIB and have the same problem with the slide hanging up with rounds still in the mag. Do you have any idea what kahr did to fix your pistol? Also the accuracy of this thing is horrible. Nothing like what I expected. I've noticed that the chamber has alot of machine(tooling) marks that none of my other pistols (S&W, Sig) have. Does your chamber look nice and clean or is it full of machine marks like mine is. Also when I first bought the pistol I disassembled it for cleaning before I fired it and it was filthy inside. Needless to say I am somewhat dissapointed with Kahr and will probably be sending the pistol back to the factory. I just hope that my experience with them goes well. Any thing you can tell me would be appreciated.
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A few things

I had a long discussion about the problems. The main problem was that the extractor was too tight. See if you can move the extractor with your finger by pressing it outward with your finger. If not, its too tight and is causing the not in battery problem.

They also replaced the barrel because they said it was rubbing against the slide. I thought they said they were planning to do a little work on the slide as well, but I can see no evidence of it. It may have needed only very little.

It came back with a lock and dripping in machine oil, which is fine.

BTW, a new pistol usually arrives with a mess. There is usually carbon from the test firing and also shipping grease that needs to be removed. Every NIB pistol needs a through cleaning and lubrication before it is fired.

If you call Kahr I expect you will be happy with the results. It is bad it has to go back but I expect they can fix it. Talk with Larry or Javier.
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Thanks for the response. Maybe you can tell me a little more if you don't mind? How is the accuracy of your Kahr? How does the inside of the chamber look? I know it won't be necessarily shiny but it should be nice and smooth with no machine marks. I think I will ask for a new barrel when I ship it back. I am going to the range in the morning (Sat) to give it another try. At that time I will check the extractor spring tension. Again thanks for your response.
Old 11-23-2002, 01:35 AM   #5
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Bad news...

To answer your questions, I find the barrel to be smoth and shiny with no marks. Marks on the outside of the barrel indicate the slide is brusing it but this is considered normal on some pistols, like a Sig. The accuracy is fine. In fact, if you go to the brief review written by Ayoob on Kahr's web site you'll see a picture of a target Ayoob shot. He used my very gun (the exact same one).

I went to the range tonight and discovered my Kahr has learned a new trick. After fireing, the slide often will lock open, as if the round just fired was the last. I think whats happening is that the round being fed from the magazine is hitting the slide lock (where the magazine follower normally would) and locking the slide open. I am very unhappy about this!

I guess I'll call Kahr Monday, but before I do I think one more trip to the range, just to make sure my hand is not hitting the slide or anything. I don't think that is the case. I have a few ideas, but I can see the mark on the bullet where it hits the catch. Bad news!
Old 11-23-2002, 08:39 PM   #6
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Didn't make it out to the range today but tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I can get out in the morning for more testing. Sorry to hear about your continuing problems. I've read other forums/reviews where people have sent their pistol back to Kahr two or three times before all the bugs are worked out. The fact that you have sent yours once already and it still doesn't function properly does not give me a warm fuzzy at all. I have never seen a pistol that needed to be dripping oil in order to function. Anyways I lubed mine up real good to the point that it is almost dripping to see if this makes any difference. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

By the way one other thing I wanted to mention was the slide seems to fit rather sloppily on the rails. With the slide closed I can easily rock the slide back and forth and it seems the right hand side rail has more slop in it than the left hand side. Don't know if this makes any difference or not but none of my other pistols show any slop at all between the slide and frame rails.
Old 11-24-2002, 11:22 AM   #7
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My Kahr MK40 is VERY accurite. I can hit bowling pins at 50ft with it with every shot, not bad for a 3" barrel. At about 20 ft it will leave one ragged hole in the center of the target. I was very surprised at how accurite it was!

Old 11-24-2002, 12:48 PM   #8
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Went to the range this morning. Still not happy. Despite lubing the pistol what I thought was an excessive amount the slide still locks back every few rounds. The slide stop engages the slide just enough to hold it back. I was shooting the target at 30 ft. and the accuracy was still unimpressive. Went through 150 rounds of American Eagle 165 grain FMJ. At this point I have 450 rounds through the pistol. The manual says 200 rounds is sufficient to break the weapon in. Guess I'll call Kahr next week or else talk to the dealer I bought from to see if I can trade it in on something else.
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On the slide lock problem

Did it look like the round being fed up into the chanber was pushing the slide catch up? If I look carefully into my P40 and push the magazine into the weapon, I see the actual bullet on top push against the slide lock lever. I can even see a scratch on the bullet.

Does this happen in your P40?
Old 11-24-2002, 06:37 PM   #10
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Yep, the cartridge is pushing the slide catch up just enough to engage the slide. As a matter of fact the tip of the cartridge sometimes was taking a nose dive into the feed ramp. In other words the bullet would not even make it past the slide catch on its way up and would end up getting hung up and take a nose dive.

What ammo do you shoot? As I stated earlier all I have tried is 165 grain American Eagle FMJ which is all new construction and made by Federal.

I wonder if polishing the point where the bullet hits the slide stop would help? I probably won't touch it though, may void the warranty.

What are your plans? Will you return it to Kahr again. By the way did they reimburse you for shipping at all? If not, these shipping charges can start taking a toll.

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