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I purchased a KelTec P11 new earlier this year for $225.00. It has proven to be very satisfactory in all respects. At a reasonable self-defense distance it is very accurate. (Not so further out, but that's not what I bought it for.) It is the approximate same size as my S/W J-frame, but has twice the firepower, and I think the 9mm is a bit better in general than the 38cal. (IMO). I think the KelTec's are the best firearm bargain going, and their customer service is 2nd to none. (Night-sight issue, not function problem). It's not as accurate as my Sig or Walther, isn't as "smooth", but it goes bang every time I pull the trigger, and it didn't cost half as much. Additionally, I purchased a HiPoint Carbine in 9mm and it has proven to be an excellent rifle. Great companion to my KelTec P11 and both weapons together cost less than either of my other "expensive" pistols. Generally you get what you pay for, but in MY experience the KelTec's and the HiPoint CARBINE are exceptions to this rule. You get MUCH MORE than you have to pay.. IMO.

Follow up 1/2/05. Bought new P32. It's great. Very small, light, accurate and reliable. Love these KelTec's
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I carried a P-11 for a couple of years, but fell in love with a Star Firestar Plus and traded the P-11 away [for a wonderful .22 rifle, set up for NRA indoor]. The Firestar Plus is about the same size, but noticeably heavier. The size and great single-action trigger of the Firestar Plus sold me.

I tried the P-11 in IDPA competition a couple of times and found that my first few shots of the match generally never went where I wanted them to, but it did well thereafter. For me, that was a wake-up call, as when I'd have to use it in real life, every shot would be like the first few shots of an IDPA match.

I may still get another P-11, one of these days, as it is a unique mix of high-cap and small size in a potent calibre.

I also have a P3AT which has only a couple of hundred rounds through it. Its has proved to be remarkably accurate and hasn't burped the first time. I find the trigger guard a bit small for my hand -- it rubs on the front of my trigger finger -- but otherwise an outstanding little gun. I've got a leather pocket holster on order, and when that arrives, it becomes my almost-everyday carry gun. (I have a CZ-75 Compact for the rest of the time I'm carrying.)
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Melvin, you funny guy.

I'm curious about somethin'.

I heard that your corn hole was so reamed out durin' your last stretch in the pen that you shit your pants for 3 months after they turned you loose.

Any truth to that?
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No, really...I'm laughin' my ass off.

You funny guy, Melvin.

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Originally Posted by swellah View Post
would you dare to say that to my face, punk? I'd MAKE you draw or swing, and then you'd be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.
well, if the result came out the other way, you could just live in your tactical wheelbarrow the rest of your life, Melvin.

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